Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan. The name alone is enough to remind you that this car is not a toy. It means business and it means fast!

Car: Aston Martin Vulcan

Track: Autôdromo de Monza No Chicane

Hot Lap: 1:30.111

Discipline: 120/87

Tires: Racing Super Soft

Tuner: Mike Pible

This car is one of the cars I’ve tuned to feature a fixed Limited Slip Differential.

This means, it requires for the driver to have a very sensitive throttle control. To feel when the wheels will slip (and they will slip) The driver must remain patient and apply only enough power through the corners, this doesn’t mean full power, just the maximum you can apply before the tires begin to slip.

There are no aero options as well so the tune heavily relies on “Rake” and the “Venturi Effect”

Venturi Effect = Air enters from underneath the sides of a car and flows out through the diffusers underneath the rear of the car… The motion of this air from the sides, Draws the air from the front like a vacuum or a suction “Venturi Effect”

Air entering from the side, pulling air from the nose to add even more downforce… but from under the car! lol

Trust me it works! Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t understand it, he just calls it magic! lol

Brought to us by Mike (PSN: Capt_Awesome14) at “Gran Turismo Sport: Tuning & Competitions“.

Car Aston Martin Vulcan
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 984
Torque 708.5 ft-lb
Weight 1083 kg / 2608 lbs


Power Ratio % 120
Weight Reduction Ratio % 87
Traction Control 0


Front Rear Racing soft Racing soft

Brake Balance

Balance Front/Rear -3


Ride Height 2.72in/69mm 3.031in/77mm
Natural Frequency (Hz) 3.62 3.67
Anti-Roll Bars 5 7
Damping Compression (%) 53 57
Damping Rebound (%) 86 89
Negative Camber 1.5 1.9
Toe Angle Out 0.15 In 0.17


Downforce Level 0 200


Initial xx 7
Accel xx 35
Braking xx 15
Torque Split xx xx


First Final Gear: 4.500
Auto Set Speed: 155mph
6th Gear: 0.925 / 155
New Final Gear: 2.758
Copy the rest of the Gears

1st 2.318 / 94
2nd 1.713 / 128
3rd 1.380 / 159
4th 1.169 / 188
5th 1.024 / 214
6th 0.925 / 253
7th xx
Final 2.758
Top Speed (Auto Set) 155 mph (250 kmph)