Gran Turismo Sport Release Date is Fall 2017!

After months and months of waiting we finally have a new release date for GT Sport! It was originally supposed to come out in 2016, but was delayed to 2017. There was talk they might release a new GT Sport release date at E3 2017, and they did! We have not heard anything since, however, Gran Turismo has now confirmed that it will be in Fall of 2017! They have released a new “Music Trailer” that not only shared the date, but also many new beautiful scenes from the game.

Make sure to watch the trailer in 4k 60fps if you have a compatible monitor as it looks much better.

Gran Turismo Sport Theme Music Trailer

As you can see from the trailer above, GT Sport looks like there will be a lot more going on than in any other GT game. Planes, helicopters, and drones are seen flying above while tons of awesome cars are driving below. There are even fireworks going off at one part, and, of course, more footage of the Porsche GT3 RS! The graphics look amazing, especially in 4k, and I can not wait to play. The music playing is also said to be the new theme music to GT Sport.

When exactly is Fall 2017? This is the question we get to wonder now. Good news is it is relatively soon, but still doesn’t give an exact date. I’m still excited either way, and I bet you are too. Make sure to get your Gran Turismo Sport pre-order in now!

Source: Gran Turismo