Will we find out Gran Turismo Sport’s Release Date at E3?

Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted that we will learn GT Sport’s release date during Sony’s E3 Preshow. The Preshow Livestream starts 5pm PDT/8pm EST.

Tomorrow’s Preshow Livestream starts 5pm. 5:30 to 6:00pm is a PD Tour, GT S trailer, release period announcement.

Also, the official Gran Turismo Twitter account tweeted that there will be a GT Sport update, too. However, both of these tweets have since been deleted.

Tomorrow is the E3 PlayStation Press Conference. There will be an update regarding Gran Turismo Sport during the Preshow Livestream.

It is very interesting that they both talk about the announcement happeneing during the Preshow and not the actual show. The actual 2017 Sony E3 conference starts right after at 6pm PTD/9pm EST.

Do you think we will finally find out the release date of Gran Turismo Sport? It has already been delayed once, and hopefully not again. However, they did release a GT Sport “demo” of the game for select users, which means it should be close to release. Who knows what will happen, but be sure to watch the livestream on PlayStation’s YouTube channel later tonight!