Porsche is Finally Coming to Gran Turismo Sport!

It’s happening!!! After literally 20 years of waiting, Gran Turismo fans will finally be able to race a Porsche in a Gran Turismo game! The news has been confirmed by PlayStaion Russia that Porsche will finally be coming to the series in Gran Turismo Sport. I, for one, am super excited. Not only will Porsche be coming to GT Sport, but they have confirmed a Porsche that players have been dying to race with, a GT3 RS.

PlayStation Russia says:

Yeehu, beta GT Sport begins this Saturday, be prepared to squeeze the gas pedal!

PlayStation Spain has also confirmed the upcoming Porsche brand into the series. They said:

This Saturday April 15th comes the closed beta of # GranTurismoSport to Europe! And also, Porsche confirmed!

The Porsche brand had an exclusive contract with EA, but that has since ended. Gran Turismo fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats hoping that Porsche would come to Gran Turismo, but there was no mention of it before today. This confirmation is sure to bring joy to many Gran Turismo players around the world.

Currently, the only Porsche to be confirmed is the GT3 RS, but hopefully there will be more confirmations later. I would kind of doubt after all these years that they would include only one car. However, we will have to wait and see what other models will be released.

If you are reading this, I am positive this is great news for you. Leave in the comments what other Porsche models you would like to see in Gran Turismo Sport!