GT Sport Confirmed for PS4 Pro

Maker, Kazunori Yamauchi, confirmed a couple weeks prior that “Gran Turismo Sport” or “GT Sport” will be upgraded for the PlayStation 4 Pro. With this conformation, another GT Sport trailer demonstrating the new power has been released.

Shown at the latest PSX event, the Gran Turismo Sport trailer shows the optimizations for the PS4 Pro. This means GT Sport will support 4k and HDR modes. VR is another feature that was said to be included in GT Sport. It too has been confirmed in the below trailer, but will only work for certain cars and tracks, unfortunately. If you own a 4K monitor, make sure to select the 4k option on YouTube to see the best quality.

Yamauchi said Gran Turismo Sport will take use of the PS4 Pro’s HDR 10 ability by also supporting 10,000 nits of brightness. The colours will be greatly increased over the normal RGB version by up to 64%.

PS4 Pro’s creative checkerboarding method will be utilized as a part of Gran Turismo Sport to boost the gameplay up to 4K resolution. Yamauchi expressed that Polyphony Digital has used the new technology for visual upgrades specifically for rendering the checkerboard.

Gran Turismo Sport will render at 60fps on a 1080p TV. Also, regardless if you already own a 4K TV, you will still be able to notice a major difference.

However, there still isn’t a confirmation of GT Sport’s release. All the trailer said is 2017, which essentially could be any time during the year. Not good for fans, but hopefully the added wait will be well worth it. At least the trailer did show even more cars that will be featured in GT Sport.