Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model ’12

There are many different models of this car. There is the Weider, 15th Anniversary Edition, KEIHIN, RAYBRIG, and the base model. I went with the base model because you can pick your own numbers and colour of paint. However, the tune should work fine with any of the other versions because they are basically the same car. Also, there is no wonder why so many teams use this car because it is an excellent race car. It sounds crazy, looks crazy, and is super fast. Even with racing hard tires it can shoot around the track without any major issues. If you really slam the gas out of a turn you may have some oversteer, but I rarely have any problems driving it. Out of all the race cars in the game this one is one of the easiest to drive and get use to. Also, this one is maxed out, but you can also lower the power limiter to hit 650pp. This makes it a really awesome to use for seasonal events.

Car Honda HSV-010 GT Base Model ’12
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 878HP/9300rpm
Torque 496.3 ft-lb/9300rpm
Weight 1100 kg
Miles 17.5
Performance Points 654


Best of all parts. Racing hard tires or better.


Nitrous 0
Downforce 400/650
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100% (lower to hit 650pp)


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 4.147
2nd 2.829
3rd 2.113
4th 1.657
5th 1.355
6th 1.144
Final 3.500
Top Speed 199mph(320kmph)


Initial xx 15
Accel xx 34
Braking xx 17


Ride Height 55 55
Spring Rate 17.10 17.28
Compression 4 4
Extension 6 6
Anti-Roll 4 4
Camber 1 2.5
Toe -0.50 1.00


Brake Balance 5 5
  • Nate Silver

    Thanks Shmo you’re still the king of GT6 tuning

    • Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you’re liking them.

      • Nate Silver

        hell yeah man all of my cars in GT6 are your tunes

        • Nice!

          • Nate Silver

            yeah i just realised how stalker that makes me sound

          • Ahah it’s just tunes. If you said you use all my tunes, wear the same clothes, and eat the same foods than, yes, would be a little stalkerish lol.

          • Nate Silver

            nah man you’re awesome but i’m not going that far sorry dude

  • ..?

    I really like you take your time to create and share tunes. Hopefully there’s more to come with GT Sport. I just hope there’s enough street/normal cars and to tune since I’m not into those GT type of cars that look extremely ugly compared to how nice looking the 80’s and 90’s were. And since I brought the 90’s up, can you make a Group A STP Taisan GTR-32 tune, please? This one ( by the great Tsuchiya. I would love those cambers as well, they look lovely.

  • Nate Silver

    GT by Citroen concept ’08 for top speed?

    • Must of been you who asked before? I accidentally deleted the email and forgot which car it was. However, yes, I’ll work on it.

      • Nate Silver

        yeah was me and its cool

  • Joe Sauer

    Love this HSV, also found an NSX tune that suits me well. Can’t wait to try all your race and drift tunes. Love your website too!

  • Benni McLean

    HSV is FR not MR 😉 Do u use any helps? This setup is ok, but not the fastest 🙁 For an Time under 5:45 on Nurb is to much Aero…