H-Pattern Shifter Issue Fixed in GT Sport Update 1.37

For those who haven’t seen, Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.37 is out now. It isn’t as amazing as the last update, but does offer some good changes.

Basically, in update 1.36 they changed the way F1 style cars drive. This didn’t go to well for players using H-pattern shifters. It slowed down gears changes a ton and anyone using one was obviously frustrated. However, Polyphony Digital realized this pretty quickly and this update reverts back to how H-pattern shifters used to work.

Also, “the clutch pedal and full manual mode are not allowed in ‘Sport’ mode” is the other change. They also list other minor changes, but nothing you will notice.

Other than those two minor changes that is all for this update. Not a big one for the majority of people, but definitely a good one if you were one of the people affected by the H-pattern issue.