Cheating in GT Sport Could Get You Banned

All the Gran Turismo Sport updates so far have been pretty amazing. They have given us new cars, tracks, and more features. However, things may become worse for people trying to cheat in GT Sport.

Anyone caught cheating in GT Sport will have their account suspended. Basically, if you breach their terms and service you will be banned, or may be banned in the future.

GT Sport Statement

In the online service of “Gran Turismo SPORT”, we suspended the account because some users have confirmed misconduct.

Subsequently, the applicable online ID can not connect to the online service of “Gran Turismo SPORT”.

It is strictly prohibited to act by improperly modifying game data, misbehaving using malfunctions in the game, or causing inconvenience to other users.

Please note that it will be subject to disposal as soon as it is discovered.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If you are worried about being banned, or how you would get banned, you would have to modify the game. However, if you are just playing the game normally you will have no issues or worries about getting banned. I assume modifying the game would mean hacking the actual system files, which isn’t the easiest to do.

If you have modified the game and have been banned you will still be able to play the game, but much more limited. Everything online will be taken away from you and just arcade mode, scapes, and offline mode are left. The only interesting part is you need to go online to save your game. I am not sure how you will be banned from online, yet still save things? Hopefully this means you will be able to offline save soon, but who knows.

Only the Japanese site talks about the ban, but I would assume it will be for everyone. Have you, or someone you know been banned?