Pre-order PlayStation VR with Move Controller and Camera this Tuesday

playstation vr bundle

PlayStation VR has just been fully announced a few days ago, and already we are starting to see bundles. As I mentioned in the last article, PS VR does not come with a PlayStation Camera or PlayStation Move controller, but both are required for it to be used. Obviously, this is a strange choice not including two major pieces in the box, but luckily Sony has a new bundle that will include everything and more.

The bundle includes a PS VR headset, PS VR cables, headphones, PS VR demo disc, PS camera, not one, but two PS Move controllers, and PS VR Worlds game. All of this will come to a grand total of $499.99, or $100 more than the originally announced price of $399 for the regular version (without Camera and Move controller).

Sony says this bundle is only available in North America and didn’t mention if it will be coming to other parts of the world. However, if you are in North America, the pre-orders start this Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. PT and will have a second round of pre-orders this summer. One very important thing to note is the “PlayStation VR core bundle” that was announced at $399.99 will NOT be available for pre-order at this time. Not sure why that is the case, but anyone with a PS Camera and PS Move controller is probably better off waiting for more information about the core bundle and skipping this pre-order.

Source: PlayStation