Submission Sunday GT Sport Custom Livery Giveaway Contest!

Those of you who are unaware, I hold a Gran Turismo pictures contest on the Team Shmo Facebook page called “Submission Sunday”. If you couldn’t tell by the name, it happens every Sunday and anyone can participate. It is just for fun and the winner wins the Team Shmo Banner image for the entire week.

With the release of GT Sport, and its custom livery feature, I figured it would be fun to have a special contest this Sunday. As I said, it is usually just for fun, however, this weeks contest will be a bit different. I will be giving away a 14 day PS Plus membership to the winner!

Those of you familiar with PS Plus subscriptions will know they do not sell 14 day versions. When I bought my PS4 I received a 14 day PS Plus trial, but have decided to give it away to one of you! The one stipulation is the code can ONLY be used if you have not had/tried PS Plus in the past. This is a Sony rule and not something I can do anything about, unfortunately. However, you can still enter the contest for fun even if you don’t want the prize. Feel free to gift it to someone else afterwards. However, If you win and your design is truly impressive, and you have already tried PS Plus before, I am open to awarding you the three month PS Plus as well.

How to win

How to win is very simple as there are only three steps.

  1. Follow the Team Shmo Facebook page
  2. Submit your picture to the Facebook page on Sunday (November 19)
  3. Wait until Monday for me to announce the winner

It does not get much simpler than that!


  1. You must be following the Team Shmo Facebook page
  2. Post your picture on Sunday in the comments of my Submission Sunday post (I will post at 1pm EST)
  3.  Post a Gran Turismo Sport picture with a custom livery
  4. The livery must be something you designed, although can be copied from a real life racing team, TV show character, movie, etc. Literally anything you want. Can be simple (like just racing stripes) or complicated.
  5. Only one design is allowed, with a max of 3 images to show different angles (if you want)
  6. Any car is allowed

There are not many rules, but you MUST follow them in order to win. Also, please remember that you can not use the PS Plus code if you have had/tried a PS Plus membership in the past. However, feel free to give the code to one of your friends or family members if you win. The code will work for PS3 or PS4, also.

If you have any other questions please leave a comment below. You can also private message me on the Team Shmo Facebook page as well. The contest is this Sunday, November 19. I am excited to see what custom liveries you guys come up with!