Mazda Mazda6 Touring Car

This tune can be used at any track, but was specifically made for the Nurburgring. There is also another car that looks exactly like this called the Mazda Atenza Touring Car, which has virtually the same specs and should be able to benefit from this tune too. I personally find the Atenza Touring Car to be a better car to drive, but was always quicker with this one. They are very similar, however.

Fans of Gran Turismo will remember these cars from past versions of the game. I have never driven one in recent years, but remembered it was a lot of fun. Driving a race car at the Nurburgring is always fun, but this car does not have a ton of power making it ideal for people wanting to get better at that track. I find this tune works very well there, but if you just straight out suck at driving at “The Ring” you are still gonna suck. Best advice is take this car/tune and drive the track for many laps. Learn where to brake and when to let off the gas to be a really good driver. The track is all about brake points and less about top speed. Everything is very long and your speed will be high, but if you don’t know how to turn that energy down to allow you to build it back up on the other side of the turn you won’t be a very good driver. However, as mentioned, this car should work well for everyone. It has low power and can not get up to insane speeds making it a lot easier to stay out of trouble.

Here is a video on how to get better at driving at the Nurburgring if you need any pointers.

Car Mazda Mazda6 Touring Car
Drivetrain 4WD
Horsepower 520HP/8300rpm
Torque 329.5 ft-lb/8300rpm
Weight 1070 kg
Miles 33.9
Performance Points 559


Best of all parts with sports soft tires.


Nos 0%
Downforce 175/450
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.492
2nd 2.473
3rd 1.856
4th 1.484
5th 1.216
6th 1.025
Final 3.550
Top Speed 149mph (240kmph)


Initial 8 8
Accel 17 37
Braking 10 20


Front Rear 25 75


Ride Height 94 90
Spring Rate 17 8.72
Compression 2 3
Extension 4 4
Anti-Roll 2 2
Camber 0.5 1.3
Toe 0 0.40


Brake Balance 4 5