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Did you see the name? Yes, this is a Fiat WHEELIE tune! The car is not very expensive so I highly recommend you buy it to try this out because it is hilarious. No one expects such a tiny car to have enough power to wheelie but it does. The key is the nitrous. Start ideally on a flat part of land in gear 1 then rev the engine while holding the brakes and as soon as you let go slam the nitrous. Instantly the car will go into a wheelie and you can keep going pretty far as long as you remember to shift. I do not know if this will work in automatic so use manual to guarantee it shifts where you want. The car also rolls very easy making it just really funny to drive. There are some other cars that can wheelie with this GT6 wheelie tune, but you will have to start driving then slam the brakes causing the car to shift all it’s weight forward then slam the gas. This makes all the weight shift back onto the rear wheels forcing the car to do a wheelie. The description in the video below goes over a few more tips on how to adapt a GT6 wheelie tune for almost any car.

I used a similar tune to make all these other cars wheelie as well. Check it out for yourself at how much fun it looks! My favorite is near the end with the Ferrari FXX as for some reason that car wheelies for miles and can do wheelie donuts too. It looks pretty awesome and so funny.

Car Fiat 500 R ’72
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 154HP/6800rpm
Torque 137.5 ft-lb/5500rpm
Weight 738 kg
Miles 2
Performance Points 428


Best of all parts with optional nitrous. Racing soft tires and nitrous.


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 200/50
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 2.371
2nd 1.667
3rd 1.237
4th 0.967
5th 0.795
Final 4.875
Top Speed 99mph (159kmph)


Initial xx 60
Accel xx 60
Braking xx 5


Ride Height 155 155
Spring Rate 1.28 1.28
Compression 1 1
Extension 1 1
Anti-Roll 1 1
Camber 0 0
Toe -1.00 1.00


Brake Balance 10 1
  • ReakyFreaky1

    I’ve mad a Wheelie tune with a lancia stratos u can flip the car over from going reverse to 1st gear

    • lol that’s awesome

    • Matthew Good


  • Edufigmed

    It doesn’t work;(. Is it because I’m using a Logitech g27?

    • Edufigmed

      Never mind I had traction control on

      • Matthew Good


    • Slam nos and gas at the same time in gear 1 and let go of the brake. It should do it but sometimes have to play around a bit.

      • Edufigmed

        Can you post the Ferrari fxx wheelie tune

        • It’s same style as this just little different transmission.

  • Steven Sevarns

    If you have any traction control on or anything else like that, then it won’t work. I had that same problem about a month ago, and sold the car cuz it didn’t work. Then i decided to try it again with the new update, and i’m pretty sure it wasn’t the update that made it work. I’m sure it was the fact i had no assists on.

    • Yes make sure traction control is off. I never drive with it on for any of the tunes I make.

  • Sharkeisha Chanel

    Weight balance 200/50 ? What does that mean ?

    • Add 200kg added weight at 50

  • André Costa

    It kinda works on the 500 F ’68, but it just falls in 3rd gear and it doesnt do the burnout seen in the vid. However, it can do some sweet balerina-style spins if you swing it violently enough in 3rd gear. You can also keep it turned to one side after you got it in 2 wheels to do smoke tornados.

    • Ya, some cars it works on, but not great while other cars it will just never work. It’s still fun to try on funny cars and see them actually wheelie.

  • Michael

    Does it work in manual or auto

    • I suggest manual

      • Michael

        Ok, I tried auto but doesn’t always work. I’ll try manual but my friend is watching tv in the room that my PS3 is in so it won’t be till 1-2 hours until he’s done but thx I’ll try it?

        • Manual allows you to control when to shift to maintain the wheelie.

  • Michael

    Auto works

  • Matthew Good

    Would this work on the tomahawk x? xD

    • Lol unfortunately not

      • Matthew Good

        Aww ;-;

      • Matthew Good

        Would b epic if it did xD
        687 kmh wheelies xD

  • Nate Silver

    nice troll Shmo but this doesnt wheelie at all the front doent even leave the ground

    • Lol you can see the video

      • Nate Silver

        saw it but still cant do it

        • Read the description as it gives some tips. It’s not just hit the gas and you’re good everytime. After some practise you should be doing them. Also, make sure not to try going uphill. Flat or downhill is the easiest.

  • Hunter

    It dosn’t work!

    • It works just have to practice and follow the instructions

  • Hunter

    Add me please my pen is TIKLE_ME_ELMO_69

  • Hunter

    Oh I figured it out I put a wing on it and turned off turned off the traction control. Sooo….are you gonna add me as Friend? Or nah?

  • Hunter

    Ohhh…. ok 🙁 How many people is that?

    • No idea. People add me everyday until one day it said can’t add more lol.

  • gtgodzilla

    pls make a wheelie tune for more cars

    • It’s the same tune. Just apply to other cars in a similar fashion. Only problem is some cars just don’t wheelie. Just the way she goes.

  • gtgodzilla

    how do I get 159kmh, my tuning menu for the transmission only goes up by 10’s
    this is so confusing

  • gtgodzilla

    im having trouble getting the gears to the required value, please help

    • It’s easy. Add the best of all the parts. Now go to the transmission and set the top speed part of it to what it says here. Then set all the gear ratios to what it says, and finally set the final gear to what is listed. All of this is only possible in the fully customized transmission, however. Also, make sure to do an oil change for full hp on your cars.

      • gtgodzilla

        I’m using fully customisable transmission, but when I try to put the gear to the listed ratio, I can’t go any lower to the required ratio

    • gtgodzilla

      NVM figured it out

  • gtgodzilla

    are there any preferred driving settings for wheelies?

    • Same as other tunes, just abs at 1. Everything else is off.