Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 ’89

What an insane beast! This car’s power to weight ratio is unreal. It just keeps on delivering power no matter what speed you are going. I made it to 270mph with a draft, but ran out of room before I could push it anymore. It is mainly meant for the latest seasonal event at the Nurburgring, but technically could be used anywhere. The race itself is very hard as all the cars are close in pp level. This one is mainly suspension and transmission changes with barely any parts able to be added. I can’t guarantee you’ll win, but at least now you have a car that has a chance. I tried many times and it comes down to the placement of the other cars. A lot of the time all the best cars were in the top five and if that happens you basically have no chance at catching up. Make sure to be careful of the gas and always gently press it down. Let off totally if you need to and remember to stay calm and focused in order to win.

Car Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 ’89
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 974HP/6100rpm
Torque 860.1 ft-lb/5000rpm
Weight 893 kg
Miles 68.3
Performance Points 700


Only parts is an oil change and stage 1 turbo.


Nitrous 0
Downforce 600/850
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 94.8% (to hit 700pp)


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.358
2nd 1.787
3rd 1.160
4th 0.828
5th 0.654
Final 3.578
Top Speed 286mph(460kmph)


Initial xx 5
Accel xx 30
Braking xx 41


Ride Height 80 76
Spring Rate 17.18 17.64
Compression 2 2
Extension 3 3
Anti-Roll 3 2
Camber 2.6 3.5
Toe -0.70 1.00


Brake Balance 6 6
  • Marc Ebel

    But why 7 gears? It hast only 5.

    • Ya that was a mistake it’s fixed now.
      “But why 7 gears? It hast only 5.”
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      But why 7 gears? It hast only 5.

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  • David Decker

    thank god! I been trying everything I could..i actually got up to third with the escudo but it needs your fine tuning to to be a sheer winner. I’m about to try the merc now just hate spending the 2 mill on another car when the prize is ont worth well. thanx for the great tunes..

    • This car is still hard to win. If a top car is in first from the start you just won’t win. I am working on another car to hopefully make it easier, but at the end of the day it’s skill and a lot of luck to win.

      • David Decker

        Ya. This is a ridiculously hard race very challenging. but I’m getting closer with all 1 million seriously I appreciate the effort you’re putting forth to make it easier for us. The Escudo Pikes Peak has potential but idk if it can get all the way there through the corners it was really quick and the short wheel base helps until you go to spin out then its almost impossible to recover it, almost llike a go cart it just spins out. Though I was almost always past on the long straight.

  • MostWanted

    I will try it with my 2J. Beaten online with my tune LMP with only 650 pp xD

    • MostWanted

      Done it now at 2nd try

  • David Decker

    i just beat it with the mazda lm55!

    • Nice, I heard that car was good for it.

  • Enzo

    Any tips on how to get it around tight corners like Apricot Hill?

    • Easy on the gas when exiting them so the tires don’t spin too much.

      • Enzo

        I’ve tried that, but it still goes really wide unless I drop the speed a lot. Maybe softening the suspension or something?

        • Just slow down. The saying is slow in fast out. It may seem really slow but it’s not.

          • Enzo

            Ok I’ll try my best with it. Do you think you can make a 700pp well-cornering race car tune?

          • Like just any race car at that pp?

          • Enzo

            Yeah, as long as the game considers it a race car.

          • Try the 2j. A lot of people say that car is fast. Type it in the search and it should come up.

          • Enzo

            Oh yeah forgot about that thing. I have your tune on it lol. Maybe a newer model race car?

          • I have others, I’ll have to add them

          • Enzo

            Thanks so much! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  • Monkey

    Had this car in the garage for a while now, like most i figured it’d sort me out for the 700pp seasonal races at the ring/R246 where more stable offerings like the Peugeot Vision, Escudo/Monster Pikes Peak had failed spectacularly to get anywhere near that pesky Toyota 7 (yeah, thanks PD, give one of the fastest cars in the game a 35 second head start, i love a challenge).
    After much cash, time, frustration and ultimate failure i threw this and my teddies in the box, not to be seen again. But in the interest of science, i dragged it back out to set a laptime at Silverstone and after giving it the nickname The Gremlin discovered 3 rules to reducing the amount of times it tries to kill you.

    Rule 1. Never feed it after midnight.
    Rule 2. Keep it away from water.
    Rule 3. Bright lights kill it.

    So, No.1. Dont change down into first gear. First is what i call a wheelspin gear. Even with RS tires and a long ratio, 2nd is low enough to exit any corner without labouring an almost 1000hp engine. The Sauber also has a peculiar handling trait that if you’re steering and for some reason pull for 1st gear (say, entering a hairpin), it will immediately and without warning face the way its just come as if you’d pulled the handbrake.
    Which is handy if you think you’re being followed.

    No.2. When going from 2nd to 3rd at full throttle, the wheels must be straight. It doesn’t matter how the aero is set up (you’re not going fast enough for it) or what tyres are fitted, if you are in mid corner, flat out in second and you pull for third, the back will light up. And you will slide. And most likely you’ll end up heading backwards onto the grass at 120mph.
    Which is handy if you’re intending on not damaging the front of the car.

    And finally, No.3. Dont bother short shifting. The Sauber has a really laggy, old school turbo engine. Short shifting to make it more manageable is like tranquillising the Honey Badger. Under that power curve its going to be very sleepy and lazy and you’ll get nothing out of it. Except a false sense of security. So you’ll use a bit more throttle, and still nothing will happen. And you get a bit brave and poke it with a stick. Oh dear, the turbo has spooled up and the badger is awake. And because you’re in 3rd or 4th, the back wheels go from doing 80 to 160mph before you, or the front wheels can catch up and the Honey Badger throws you into the barriers. Because as we all know, it doesn’t give a s*** and takes what it wants.

    Tips for cornering it? I know what you mean, driving this thing is like doing an iceberg slalom in the RMS Titanic. High speed corners, its stable enough so i knocked the rear aero down to 800 without any extra fatalities. Low speed, do as the man says, slow down, get the line right and it will corner. If not, stamp on the gas. The diff is open enough to get the back end to jump out. But be warned, its not a drift car. Hard throttle can and does result in a cloud of smoke surrounding a disorientated Mercedes.

    That being said, it is a very quick car, and this tune goes a long way to making it less of an unruly nutcase, especially if you are intending on throwing it around the Green Hell. My advice though, search for the Peugeot 908 tune. Its eco-friendly as a diesel, you can paint it, its not always trying to kill you and is faster at Silverstone by a margin.

    • Thanks for the review. It was funny and informative.