BMW Z4 GT3 ’11

This tune is specifically for Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, but can be used at other courses as well. It is also more specifically for the 630pp range for the current GT3 seasonal event there. I have never driven this car before, but it makes a great 630pp race car. It balances power, weight, and handling perfectly to give you some pretty quick lap times. For example, the current seasonal event needs a 2:08 time to get gold. After only a couple of practise laps I achieved a lap time of low 2:02s, and I am not the greatest driver. I was also using a control for this time. I am positive if you are a great driver, and using a wheel, you could get a crazy fast time. Even if you aren’t, you definitely should get gold after a few practise laps. The prize is an almost $2 million McLaren F1 GTR, so it is definitely worth doing for everyone.

This BMW Z4 race car isn’t too hard to drive for quick times, but to get really fast times you must pay attention to some key areas. Number one is obviously the track itself. If you are not familiar with this track, dive it a few times going slow to get a feel for it, and then try to set an actual gold time. I personally love the track, but it is quite difficult as there are many straights, very tight turns, and this is all mixed with many elevation changes in-between. If you slam the gas anywhere or miss the proper brake point you will go off into the grass, or touch the wall and fail the event. Even the smallest touch of the wall on one of the many tight corners will cause you to fail. Also, I am using a stage one turbo which gives almost a reverse turbo lag. All the power is right at the start, and very little at the end. Low gears like 1st or 2nd will spin the tires a lot more than other gears. You must remember to slowly squeeze the gas when exiting a turn and shift to 3rd before slamming it down. Finally, brake points are very critical here. If you wait too long, you will hit the wall. The entire track and car are all about the finesse of working together in order to get a quick lap time.

Car BMW Z4 GT3 ’11
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 619HP/6000rpm
Torque 561.7 ft-lb/5300rpm
Weight 1190 kg
Miles 66.7
Performance Points 630


ONLY parts are oil change, max engine tuning, and low RPM turbo. I am using racing hard tires.


Downforce 400/900
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 93.4% (until you hit 630pp)


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 4.188
2nd 2.861
3rd 2.112
4th 1.623
5th 1.316
6th 1.099
Final 3.500
Top Speed 186mph (300kmph)


Initial xx 7
Accel xx 13
Braking xx 25


Ride Height 55 60
Spring Rate 14.77 17.80
Compression 3 3
Extension 4 4
Anti-Roll 2 2
Camber 1.5 3.5
Toe -0.35 0.75


Brake Balance 2 3