Crazy Fast Lap With The SRT Tomahawk X Vision GT!

The SRT Tomahawk X Vision GT is fast as hell in top speed, but just as fast on a track. The downforce is ridiculous, the braking is basically instant, and the accretion is second to none. The only problem is you have to have some serious skill to drive it. It took me more than a few laps to even make it around Grand Valley Speedway once, and then another few laps to get a respectable time. I am pretty sure the best tune and the best driver would be able to get a much faster time, but again, you must be very skilled. Still, my best lap time ever at this track is usually in the lower 1:30’s and this car did it in 1:10! Absolutely insane! Of course, don’t forget to Subscribe for more!

  • Vinyl Scratch

    Personally, the hardest parts of driving the Tomahawk X for me is…

    1. Balancing when and when NOT to push / take down the aero panels. Good timing, pacing, as well as knowing WHEN to go full throttle and be able to use the insane amount of downforce to carry you through the turn with no issue. If this doesn’t make any sense, re-run the course with a X2011 and floor it along the corners and when the tires light up, that’s it.

    2. Making sure you make the most of the whole track. Sure, the car is fast, but sometimes you forget that you also need to make the most of the track when necessary, which is nearly all the time. You’re going quicker, so changes across the sides of the track are more difficult and all the more touchy. Not only that but like any car you have to keep the lines solid and the car planted.

    Figured this may help for anyone else if they were interested, as the lap seemed a little skittish and that’s what tends to happen when I drive the car itself.

    • Lol yes, it was a very scary drive for me. I have since driven it a lot more and gotten a bit better, but it’s still a challenge. I find it similar to a Ferrari FXX with nos. It goes crazy fast and is super stable/very unstable, and you need to know exactly when to slam down/release the nos or you’d go into the wall.

      It’s basically all about planning your route. If you know the track well and start to learn how fast the car does things you will get good quickly. However, if you have never driven the track it’s basically impossible to get a quick time if even finish at all with this car. A humans reaction time is just not fast enough to make the quick decisions needed without a mental game plan of how things will go.

    • Matthew Good

      when the tires light up, that’s it. LMFAO xD

  • SgtStig

    Not that I could do better than you, but I can definitely see where you lost a bit of time. A very very clean run though. No doubt. At least we know you’re human. And not a robot without a life haha

    • Lolo definitely not a robot. It was a sketchy lap for sure. I actually have a new video coming out this Saturday doing another lap in a more interesting video where I drove a lot better. The hardest thing is multiple laps. I tried to do 4 consecutive close enough to perfect laps but the pressure gets to me everytime.

  • David Decker

    that is funny video..i dig the polar opposite match up..