Amuse NISMO 380RS Super Leggera

I have always loved the looks of this car. The regular Nissan 350z looks good, but there is something about it that always seemed strange to me. With this tuned version and massive bodykit the car looks much more aggressive. The only piece that looks a little off is the front bumper. It seems too smooth while the back of the car has the smoothness with lots of sharp edges too. That and the fact that it is a Nissan that is tuned by NISMO, which was then tuned by Amuse and is found in the Amuse dealer. Very odd to me. Either way, it looks pretty awesome drifting around the track. Back in the GT5 days I had this car in green and it looked epic. I knew I had to paint this one green as well. It also looks great in mat silver in case anyone was looking for a cool darker color to paint it in.

However, enough about the looks. How does it drift? Great! I had a ton of fun drifting it at all different tracks and had a hard time stopping myself to come post this tune. It is not the worlds greatest drift, but it doesn’t struggle, and after a couple laps you get used to it very quickly. Looks really great on the replays too since it has such an aggressive look to it. I only wish it had just a tiny bit more power. I think if it was a full 600hp it would of transformed this car to even great heights.

Car Amuse NISMO 380RS Super Leggera
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 563HP/7500rpm
Torque 417.4 ft-lb/5500rpm
Weight 1236 kg
Miles 13.7
Performance Points 568


Best of all parts with comfort hard tires.


Downforce 100/200
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.973
2nd 2.744
3rd 2.094
4th 1.644
5th 1.344
6th 1.130
Final 3.345
Top Speed 162mph (260kmph)


Initial xx 60
Accel xx 60
Braking xx 5


Ride Height 80 80
Spring Rate 13.23 12.80
Compression 3 3
Extension 5 5
Anti-Roll 4 4
Camber 0.7 1.7
Toe 0 0.45


Brake Balance 4 4
  • Tea Pawt

    I have a Chaparral 2J ’70 drag tune, is there any way i can send it to you?

    • Check the about page. There are a few different ways you can send it. Pick whichever you prefer.

      • Tea Pawt


  • Hunter

    Have you done a Buick GNX ’87?

  • Hunter

    Ok tell me when you do then cuz I have one, actually I’ve had it for awhile and I need a good tune for it and I’m not good at that actually I’m horrible at tuning, but your awesome at it. 🙂

    • Drift, race, drag, which type of tune you want for it?

  • Hunter


  • Hunter

    How did you get that green color for your super leggera?

  • Hunter

    Ok well if you figure out tell me please cuz that color is AWESOME!!

    • Lol I agree. I knew the colour I wanted and was lucky it was already in my choices. Which car, or seasonal event it came from is unknown, however.

  • Hunter

    Ok….well that sucks cuz I truly love that color. 🙁

  • Hunter

    The gear setup on the super leggera doesn’t work at all. It won’t go lower to what it says on the super leggera page.

    • Do power parts and oil change first. Reset the transmission and try again.

  • Hunter

    Ok I’ll try that.

  • Hunter

    The numbers won’t go lower enough tho. 🙁

  • Hunter

    This is really confusing me!

  • Hunter

    I set the top speed to 180 MPH and all the gear things go to the numbers that you put on the Super Leggera page.

  • Hunter

    I mean 186 MPHIL not 180 MPH

  • Hunter

    2hat track did you drift on in your super leggera video?

  • Hunter

    Please tell me the really setup. Or give me your phone numberight and tell me.

  • Hunter

    Send it to my email

    • It clearly says 137mph lol. Set the top speed to that number. After that set all the numbers. Finally, set the final gear to the exact number it says. Reset and try again. Also, I’m pretty sure in the title or description of the video it says the track.

  • Nate Silver

    Can I get a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 top speed tune?

  • Hunter

    It does say 137 hp. I’ve done 2hat you just said and it doesn’t work I’m saying that can you make it so it works for me!

  • Hunter

    186 and it does not work the car is so slow.

    • Where do you get 186?

  • Hunter

    186 top speed but it’s really slow with the gearing that you put on Super Leggera.

    • I can check my tune again, but you had to of made a mistake. Make sure you have the right tires and all parts installed

  • Hunter

    I did 6 times!!

    • Lol ok, I’ll check it and make sure it’s right. Tommorw I’ll message you if I made a mistake.

  • Hunter

    Ok thanks

    • Ok, checked it over and you were right. The transmission was correct, but I didn’t do the conversion right from kmph to mph. The max speed is supposed to be 162mph. It has been updated.

  • Hunter

    Ummm…. there’s just one one problem with the new tune for the super leggera. 5th gear is supposed to be1.344 but the lowest it can go is 1.353

    • Lol ok I’m pretty confident that’s what mine says but that’s close enough either way

  • Hunter

    Have you done a tomahawk S VGT?

    • You’d have to do a search I can’t remember

  • Hunter

    No you didn’t make a Tomahawk S VGT. I just looked.