BMW M4 Coupé

The BMW M4 was added to GT6 a long time ago, and a million people have told me to make a tune for it. I planned on it, but didn’t get it perfect right away and than got discouraged and moved on. I think BMW make the best drift cars, but the M4 is trickier than the others. It’s perfect and then will random send you into the wall. I worked hard and managed to come up with something pretty good. However, the tune I am showing here is a combo of mine and Victor J Woskobunik. It’s still not 100% where I want it, but this is the best it’s gonna be. It has an insane amount of hp and lights up the track. You have to watch your gas, but at the same time it’s not that bad to control for such a powerful car.

The looks of it are amazing. You can get various bodykits and spoilers, but I decided to paint mine in gun metal metallic with a carbon fibre hood/spoiler, and matt black wheels. It looks pretty insane drifting around a track. Very stealthed out look, like a fighter jet. The color also changes color a lot in the sun or the shadows, which I think looks really cool.

Car BMW M4 Coupé
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 1000 HP/8500 rpm
Torque 739.5 ft-lb/6500 rpm
Weight 1227 kg
Miles 30
Performance Points 631


Best of all parts. I’m using comfort hard tires with racing brakes, no NOS, and optional spoiler.


NOS 0%
Downforce 0/5
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 4.534
2nd 3.201
3rd 2.415
4th 1.911
5th 1.568
6th 1.335
7th 1.118
Final 2.500
Top Speed 180 mph (290 kmph)


Initial xx 60
Accel xx 60
Braking xx 60


Ride Height 88 97
Spring Rate 11.92 7.08
Compression 7 8
Extension 6 8
Anti-Roll 6 6
Camber 6 6.5
Toe -0.85 -0.18


Brake Balance 3 8