Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC5) ’03

This is for 1/4 mile drag. I started with the Civic drag tune and then moved to the DC2 Integra and now up to the big boy DC5 Integra. I picked the ’03 over the ’04 because this one weighs 10kg less. Doesn’t sound like much, but when it comes to drag any advantage is a good advantage. This car should be able to handle pretty much any other FF car or at least be quite competitive. I have beaten most people, but like anything there is still room for some improvement. This tune is decent on the launch, but really picks up down the track. The hard part of any FF drag tune is the launch because the front wheel drive system just can’t catch any traction. The tires will always spin like crazy. It has a bit more power than the DC2, but also weighs a little more. Most of the time this will end up with it winning against them, but I have been smoked by a couple super pro tuned DC2 Integras before.

This tune can be used with or without NOS. Without NOS start in 2nd and shift at about 60mph and red line all the other gears. I have also tried shifting at 10,000 rpm (a little after the redline) and it has worked well too. Test for yourself and see what works best. With NOS start in 3rd and shift at about 80mph. All the other gears I would say the redline, but it over revs right away so just drive it down the track a few times to get a feel for the best shift points.

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EDIT Dec 23, 2015: The HP and RPM, Torque, and PP are lower than before. Not sure what happened, but a game update must of changed them since I made the tune. All the settings are still the same as before.

Car Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC5) ’03
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 443HP/9,000rpm
Torque 265.7 ft-lb/8500rpm
Weight 979 kg
Miles 17.6
Performance Points 533


Best of all parts without racing brakes, no nitrous, no spoiler. Racing soft tires.


Nos maxed
Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it final 4.000, then top speed (112), then gears, and final to 3.000

1st 4.433
2nd 3.402
3rd 2.749
4th 2.285
5th 1.932
6th 1.700
Final 3.000
Top Speed 112mph (180kmph)


Initial 60 xx
Accel 60 xx
Braking 5 xx


Ride Height 70 150
Spring Rate 4.84 9.01
Compression 10 1
Extension 1 10
Anti-Roll 5 5
Camber 0 0
Toe 0 0


Brake Balance 5 5