Team Shmo FAQ

I get a lot of question asking me all the basic info on how I personally set up tunes or how I drive. I have made this guide to help you understand the basics so your setup matches mine exactly for best results. Every single tune on this site is set the same way so very important you read this.


I get this question all the time. People assume I have a drift team or drag team etc due to the name, but the answer is somewhat. I do have a drift team, but it currently isn’t run by me (shmogt) and doesn’t get scheduled events etc. I get how the name may fool you, but this whole site at the moment is strictly for tuning of Gran Turismo game cars. I am “Shmogt” and make 99% of the tunes myself, but do accept tunes from others after I test and approve them. The name is more for people using the tunes. Together we are all Team Shmo.


The way I race is with abs 1, all other aids are off, and I use a controller. I do have a wheel I just prefer tuning with the controller since I am used to it. The tunes are listed in mph, but I am trying to make sure kph is listed as well.


ALWAYS set top speed first, than all the gears, than the final gear. Absolutely must set it this way or everything will get screwed up. Transmissions may need to be raised with final gear when racing at large or high speed tracks. The only time this rule does not apply is for drag tunes, but it will list under transmission.

For some reason with updates the transmission gears may change from what is listed. Sometimes this happens because my HP will be way off from your car too. Usually close enough will work just as good however if it is way off try to move the top speed one click to the left and/or right and try to set the gears and final. This sometimes works or you may have to move one more time in either direction to see if that works. I can not go back and check every single car transmission to see if anything changed during every new update unfortunately so it is up to you. I will change any if I find them however even with updates the settings on my cars still show what is listed which makes this problem more difficult to solve. Best advice is if you see a new tune set it up on your car sooner than later.


A lot of people ask me when their car will hit a max hp or why my car has more or less than their car. Everyone’s car will start at a certain hp that is determined by the game if it is used or at 0 if it is new.

New cars
If you are using a new car that has 0 miles reaching max hp is easy. First thing you do is get an oil change ALWAYS. This part is easy, but slightly tricky to read. Max out the cars performance parts. After that you need to drive over 150 miles and do another oil change. This time drive another 150 miles and once again do an oil change. In total that is 3 oil changes and your car will be at the max hp. The exact amount of miles to do the oil changes is up for debate, but relativity close to 150 miles and than close enough to 300 miles will make the car the fastest it can be.

(GT5) Used cars
If you are using a used car do a engine and chassis restore to try to get back as much as you can first. You do NOT have to do an oil change first as the engine restore already does one. If your car has a lot of miles like over 20,000 you are at the max it will ever have. However at that high of miles it will actually be a little lower than is possible for that particular car. There is nothing you can do to get those extra hp back. Not sure exactly when the hp starts to preeminently drop, but usually this only happens to used cars with super high mileage.