GT6 Course Maker is now available for Android and iOS tablets!

If you remember from a few months ago, I did an article about a possible upcoming course maker app. Well, today it’s finally here! The course maker, now know as “GT6 Track Path Editor”, allows you to design tracks on your tablet and upload them to drive on in GT6. Super cool! You can pick a few base locations to start, Eifel, Eifel Flat, Andalusia and Death Valley, and build pretty much any track you want. You can even place things like bumpers (those red and white things on the track) or even things like bushes. They say you can even take a picture of a real life track and trace over it letting you create real life tracks in GT6 now.

For all my drift fans, I have found this amazing website that shows you every single drift track in the world. Just click the dot you want to see and it gives you details with a top view of the course for tracing. I would imagine screen cap it and trace over it in the course maker app. Of course, all the tracks can be used for more than just drifting and racers may want to check the site out too. Would be pretty awesome to build every single track in the world and be able to play it in GT6.

To get the track editor you must download update 1.21 which is a 185MB on your PS3. This will give you a new track editor button on the far right in GT6. Just a quick side note. The new GT6 update also has a few other small changes, but one is improved car sounds on certain cars. Be sure to test your favorite car and leave in the comments which cars have changed sounds. You also need to download either the iOS or Android app (links at the bottom). The app is where everything is built from, later being uploaded and playable on the PS3. You get a max of 30 tracks to make, but can use other peoples tracks from around the world.

Now, one huge thing that does suck is the app is for Android and iOS tablets ONLY. You can’t make tracks within GT6, can’t make them from your phone, can’t make them from Windows Phone’s, etc. So far people have also been having a lot of trouble downloading the apps. I have tried my 10″ and 7″ Android tablet with no luck and will be trying my iOS tablet soon. The Gran Turismo people say the apps are slowly rolling out to everyone around the world by the end of today, which may be the reason I and others can’t download it yet. It originally told me it’s not available in my country, but later said that it’s not compatible with my devices. Who knows what is going on, but I will update more about that after today once it’s officially everywhere.

There are also a few requirements for your iPad and Android Tablet. Your tablet must have iOS 7 or later or have Android 4.1+ or later. If you meet the requirements and wait until at least the end of the day, you should be able to use it. Again, the key is wait until the end of the day because it might not be in your region yet. I am not going to complain too much that it isn’t working for me just yet.

Check out a video of  GT Academy champion, Lucas is Ordonez using it to get a slightly better idea of how it works..


Here is the Apple iOS GT6 Track Editor download link and for those with Android, here is the GT6 Track Editor Play Store download link. The millionth again, it may say not available in your country or not available for your device, but just keep checking later in the day. EDIT: I was able to download it a few hours later.