GT Sport Release Date Finally Revealed!

This is not a joke. We actually have an official release date for Gran Turismo Sport! They revealed not too long ago that it would come out sometime in the fall, but didn’t give an exact date. However, in a new GT Sport trailer, they have listed the release date as October 17, 2017.

Technically, there are a few different release dates for different regions. The North America/Asia release will be on October 17, 2017, but will release in Europe a day later on October 18, 2017. Weirdly, in Japan, the place where the game is created, is last to get the game on October 19, 2017. I am not entirely sure why they would do that, but there is only a small delay between regions.

Since the release is now known, I highly suggest you pre-order GT Sport. Amazon still, currently, doesn’t list the official release date, but does list the price. They have the normal, or special edition version ready for pre-order. You will also receive bonus gifts for pre-ordering ranging from millions of credits, special edition cars, special liveries, and more. Also, Amazon has price drop guarantee meaning that if the price drops from now until the release date you will be automatically credited the difference. I pre-ordered already a while ago and randomly got $20 off because of an E3 promotion they had without doing a thing. Pretty sweet!

Pre-Order Gran Turismo Sport – link will take you to US, UK, or Canada Amazon store.

  • SgtStig

    I see an F12 at the beginning of that trailer. YES!

    • I watched it a few times and I can’t say it is a F12. It is so dark and the circle lights at the back are similar to all modern Ferrari lights.

  • Stefan

    Hello Team Shmo!

    I followed this site since I first find it, just before GT6 came out, and check this site about 3-7 days a week for tunes, info and just for intrest in cars and racing. Play mostly PS4-games now but also GT6 on my PS3.

    My question is; when GT Sport releases, are you gonna update with tunes, tips and guides to that game too?
    I love racing games, but almost only play Gran Turismo series, I have Project Cars (1) and of course Trackmania but GT is the game I can relate to most because I have all the games except for Prolouge 5 (don’tknow if the game named right).

    Gonna keep following you here, don’t use twitter or facebook anymore bacause lack of intrest.

    /Stefan, Sweden – now I gonna try the new Pagani-tune on my PS3/GT6 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, I plan on creating more content for gt sport once it is released. Also, you should sign up for our email newsletter since you don’t use social media. Roughly once a month I send out all the new tunes, guides, news, etc to keep everyone up to date in case they missed anything during the month.

      • Stefan

        Thank’s for fast and good answer 🙂
        I just sign up for newsletter, xnkpg*** so if you want, add me on psn too.
        Born 1980 so I hope more games in GT series coming under mylifetime haha!

        Now I gonna try the Jaguar tune, Pagani tune was super!!

        /Stefan, Sweden