GT Sport Release Date Finally Revealed!

This is not a joke. We actually have an official release date for Gran Turismo Sport! They revealed not too long ago that it would come out sometime in the fall, but didn’t give an exact date. However, in a new GT Sport trailer, they have listed the release date as October 17, 2017.

Technically, there are a few different release dates for different regions. The North America/Asia release will be on October 17, 2017, but will release in Europe a day later on October 18, 2017. Weirdly, in Japan, the place where the game is created, is last to get the game on October 19, 2017. I am not entirely sure why they would do that, but there is only a small delay between regions.

Since the release is now known, I highly suggest you pre-order GT Sport. Amazon still, currently, doesn’t list the official release date, but does list the price. They have the normal, or special edition version ready for pre-order. You will also receive bonus gifts for pre-ordering ranging from millions of credits, special edition cars, special liveries, and more. Also, Amazon has price drop guarantee meaning that if the price drops from now until the release date you will be automatically credited the difference. I pre-ordered already a while ago and randomly got $20 off because of an E3 promotion they had without doing a thing. Pretty sweet!

Pre-Order Gran Turismo Sport – link will take you to US, UK, or Canada Amazon store.