Message to Polyphony Digital. Where is the transmission fix?

It’s been almost a month since the last update where Polyphony Digital broke the GT6 transmission settings. They even acknowledged there was a problem and were working on a fix yet it’s no where to be seen. They keep making seasonal events too when you can’t even enter with a proper tune. Everyone makes mistakes, but we all paid for the game and can’t even play anymore. It’s starting to get a little crazy. I haven’t played at all since the last update since I do not want my transmission setting to be deleted. I also can’t tune at all until it’s fixed unfortunately. Technically I can tune online but my connection isn’t the best and it takes virtually double the time to keep quiting and starting again online. I really hope they fix it soon and don’t wait months to release a large update with this fix. How are all of you handling it? Do you just play online only or not at all like me?