View GT6 in 360 Degree Virtual Reality

We are all wondering on what GT Sport will look like with virtual reality glasses on or if GT7 will also feature VR support? However, how would Gran Turismo 6 look in VR? I decided to try and test it out for myself. The video below is a 360 degree image that allows you to look all around in the GT6 world. It is on YouTube, but is just an image so do not expect it to start playing like a normal video. You can view it on a computer, mobile phone, or my personal recommendation, a Google Cardboard.


If you are on a computer just drag the video screen around to see everything move. I suggest pausing the video first to give you as much time as you want to view. You can go up, down, or a full 180 degrees around.

Mobile Phone

This is where things get a little cooler. You have to watch it on YouTube and not on this site. Physically move your phone around to see the screen change. If you physically turn around you will see the car.

Google Cardboard 2

This is by far the coolest way. I left the link to a headset if you want to try. It’s only about $20 and is definitely worth it. Lots of games and videos to watch in 360 degrees are available. Basically, put your phone inside, press the cardboard button at the bottom and put it up to your face. If you do not understand, please check out this detailed guide, however, it’s very easy. Literally move your head around as if you are actually on the track to see things. I find the slower you move your head the better it works as it looks smoother.


How it was made

I have had a lot of people ask me how I made this, and I will tell you right now, it was a huge pain. I had to take a series of photos all around with the exposure locked and stitch them all together using computer software. There are no guides or previews I can check in GT6 to make sure I am aligning everything perfectly. I had to just guess and try to remember how the last picture was taken to get the next picture right. Not only that, but it became much harder once I moved to the top and bottom layers because I had to just guess on how the lower level pictures were taken. Not everything matched perfectly, so I had to manually adjust most of the images. If you look totally up or down you will see black holes. This is partially due to how YouTube allows videos to be uploaded and because the alignment in those areas was not the best. However, you still get the idea of what I was going for when you view it.

This was made just to give you a taste on how Gran Turismo will feel in a VR enviroment. As I suggested many times already, a Google Cardboard is so cheap and will blow your mind when you watch this or other 360 degree videos like it. It is a totally new experience compared to see it flat. VR in video games is going to be amazing and I can not wait.