Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce

The new Aventador SuperVelocecar has just been revealed at the Geneva auto show and it has 740hp, weighs 1524kg, and can hit a top speed of 217mph. It looks just as good as it’s performance is. Only problem is we can’t drive it in a video game. That’s why I decided to make a replica tune out of a standard Aventador adding all the parts and aero kits needed to make it as exact as possible. I list the exact parts I used to make it look as close as possible. I also hit ALL the exact numbers for hp, weight, and top speed to. It is as close as a replica as you can get. It is crazy fun to drive and gives you the same excitement as driving a (video game) real one. My favorite part is not only is it insane, but it sounds epic! You can hear it from miles away and has a very deep sound to the exhaust. My favorite car right now to drive if you have a wheel. Usually the MR cars are very difficult to drive, but due to the 4WD system and suspension tune it’s actually quite easy. It is a Aventador SuperVeloce however so it can get crazy if you aren’t paying attention.

Check the video out below to see how awesome it looks driving around a track and just listen to the epic noise which was an unexpected, but very happy surprise.

I also liked this tune and car so much I made a cinematic tribute video as well.


Also I love the looks of the Aventador with it’s geometric pattern so much I made shirts you can purchase. They come in whatever color you want as well as just the lines version over at the Team Shmo Shop

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Car  Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce
Drivetrain 4WD
Horsepower 740 HP/8600 rpm
Torque 540ft-lb/5600 rpm
Weight 1524kg
Miles  37.5
Performance Points 597


Here are the EXACT parts you need. First like all cars is an oil change. Sports exhaust, weight reduction 1, all drive terrain, custom transmission, custom suspension, racing brakes, and sports soft tires. For the looks you need Aero kit type A. Custom Wing wing mount C, wing G, winglets J. The height is -8 and width is +20. Other (mirrors) B. Wheels are OZ racing Italia 150. They are 19 from the bottom on the left. Color is up to you, but something bright and crazy works best.


NOS 0%
Downforce 0/115
Weight Balance 123/-50
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st  4.086
2nd  2.687
3rd  2.013
4th  1.567
5th  1.277
6th  1.065
7th  0.911
Final  3.625
Top Speed 211 mph (340 kmph)


Initial 25 32
Accel 17 20
Braking 10 13


Front Rear 25 75


Ride Height  83 86
Spring Rate  5.45 8.10
Compression  4 6
Extension  3 5
Anti-Roll  2 4
Camber  0.8 1.2
Toe  0 0.20


Brake Balance 3 4
  • Connor Murray

    Can you make a replica of the Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0? That would be really cool

    • I would like to do more replica tunes, but that one is very similar to the Diablo that is already in the game.

      • Connor Murray

        Thanks for explaining

  • Christopher A.

    I look forward to trying this tune. The Aventador SV looks so awesome.

    • It’s not a huge change from the normal one but the fact that they have basically exactly the same body kits and rims make it feel like it’s actually the car. The sound is my favorite part. Has a deep growl.

  • Connor Murray


  • MostWanted

    Can u make a Honda NSX type s zero 99, tune? Driven it in the 500pp event and i think eith a tune it where fcking amazing (do 1:18.80) and im not very good ^^

    • I have a nsx I’m working on for that pp already.

  • SgtStig

    One of the only real and great sounding cars in the game. Stock LFA sounds great too, but only stock.

    • A lot of cars sound alright stock but weird once upgraded. Too bad they didn’t just make the sounds more aggressive from stock rather than totally change them. This one doesn’t have massive changes which is probably why it sounds so good.

      • JackBoxall1

        Do you know what cars you need to get in order for that chrome gold paint. That one you used on that Ferrari 458 Italia Tune?

        • It is just luck of the draw on seasonal events.

          • JackBoxall1

            And do you have any tips for the Red Bull X Challenge?

          • JackBoxall1

            And the S-Class Races?

          • Just practise really. Anything super hard comes down to skill and luck.

          • JackBoxall1

            IT’S ALL CHANCE!!! I HATE CHANCE!!! IT SUCKS! I tried that stupid Racing Kart 100 Cup and that’s just horrible enough. Why does karting even have to exist in the game? This is Gran Turismo, not Mario Kart!!!

          • If the carting you are talking about is in the a spec races, head to track at the top and get my kart tune. It also has tips to win.

          • JackBoxall1

            Can you even tune a kart? There aren’t any options in the tuning garage. Do you just fiddle around with the gears to make it accelerate faster?

          • Ya, check the tune I say what to do to win.

  • Zachary Fernandez

    Great tune man! But I was wondering if you could do a full on race tune with all the best parts. Would be great!

    • I been thinking about it. I have some other cars I’d like to tune first however.

      • Zachary Fernandez

        Cool. Does the McLaren F1 ’94 happen to be one of them? I had a really hard time tuning that car to go around the Ring. Especially once you start adding power, it’s all over the track.

        • I think I already have that car done and uploaded.

          • Zachary Fernandez

            Yup, but only a drag tune of it.

          • I must of been thinking of the 12c. I might have a tune for that car too done, but I’ll have to check.

          • Zachary Fernandez

            No problem man, take your time. Keep up the awesome work!

          • Thanks, I will lol

  • Monkey

    This works quite well with the Murcielago LP640-4 as well. I’ve tried it with the Chrome Line version. Stock it handles like an 80s ford escort rally car and is almost impossible to corner in a straight line. This tune sorts it right out. Though because you’ve got to throw 200kg of ballast into the nose to get the 50:50 weight, it is the slowest Lambo i’ve tried so far being 250-400kg heavier than the Gallardo and Aventador and being almost the least powerful of the lot.

    • This is a replica tune, and not a full blown power machine. However, I personally really like driving it as I find it has a nice balance of power and handling. Good that it works on the other Lamborghini as well.

      • Monkey

        Aye, the Aven SV is a really good car to drive, and throw comfort tyres on it and it slides really really well.

  • Gandalf “Camberlover” Mithrand

    Sports exhaust sounds pretty terrible though, id rather keep it stock.

    • Disagree, but do what you want.

  • George_Oscar_Bluth-GOB

    Thanks for all your help, your site is such a huge help to a Newbie like me, first played a month ago…already addicted😳😏🙂

    What would you say is the best “handling” car/tune you’ve raced on track 🏁

    I randomly got the VW Scirocco, and was BLoWN AwAY! It is mental around turns, at least to a newb👌

    Anyway thanks so much again!!
    I appreciate all your hard work.

    u can email me best handling car @ if u want. Thnks!

    • You’re very welcome! Hard to say what the best is. Certain people brake harder into turns, others hammer the gas out the turns, the best car would be different for each person.