Nissan GT-R NISMO ’14

Brand new to Gran Turismo 6 the epic Nissan GT-R NISMO ’14. I saw this car when it first came out and wished it was in GT6. I was going to make a Nissan GTR Black Edition tune and just say it was the Nismo edition, but I decided against it since the Nismo is supposed to be faster and be able to beat Black Editions. Fast forward to now GT6 has given away this NISMO to everyone for free! It is easily the most bad ass looking GTR yet. As you can see from the picture above I have mine pitch black with the red trim looking sick. Got those special rims with the red strip too and painted them black so everything matches. It looks insane. I made a tune for this car a couple days ago when it first came out, but it wasn’t exactly how I wanted it. I took a little extra time with this one to make sure it was perfect. A little stiff at first made it faster with a perfect lap, but usually slower as it was just too hard to control most of the time. I softened everything up a little and made a few more tweaks and finally got it how I wanted it. Very fast car. Up there with the Saleen S7 which is another epic car. Not that hard to drive fast and absorbs lots of bumps on the track. It also tops out at about 260mph which is insane. Everything about this car is just awesome and I hope you guys like it too.

TOP GEAR actually said Nismo GT-R to be fastest Nissan EVER! “This special Nismo GT-R will lap the Nürburgring in under 7m 18s, comfortably eclipsing the current car’s lap record, and moving it further to the top of the unofficial King of the ‘Ring table” – Top Gear

I also have a new drag tune for the Nissan GT-R NISMO ’14 as well

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Car Nissan GT-R NISMO ’14
Drivetrain 4WD
Horsepower 1170HP/7800rpm
Torque 797.9 ft-lb/7300rpm
Weight 1378 kg
Miles 41.6
Performance Points 697


Best of all parts including racing brakes and spoiler. Racing soft tires. Optional nitrous.


Downforce 120/220
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.609
2nd 2.434
3rd 1.758
4th 1.358
5th 1.054
6th 0.841
Final 3.000
Top Speed 193mph(310kmph)


Initial 13 14
Accel 5 5
Braking 19 18


Front Rear 20 80


Ride Height 80 80
Spring Rate 18.40 9.80
Compression 5 4
Extension 3 2
Anti-Roll 3 2
Camber 0.6 2.0
Toe -0.06 -0.08


Brake Balance 1 3
  • Dark Blue

    my gears dont fit and i have every thing the same. I think.

    • For sure set it the exact same way I said to for transmission?

      • Dark Blue

        do you set top speed to 193mph

        • You do. If the gears don’t fit as long as it’s close enough it should be ok. Every once in a while for unknown reasons some people can’t get the same gears. One reason could be because you didn’t upgrade the car first (power etc) before setting the transmission. Add all parts first, do an oil change, reset the transmission and try again.

          • Dark Blue

            i had to change it back to the original transmition and then put it on

          • So it worked now?

          • Dark Blue

            yep its insanly fast.

          • Dark Blue


          • Dark Blue

            hahhaha every one seems to beat it

          • Nice

  • Davi

    When your going to do a TZ3 and this NISMO top’s speed

    • Nismo top speed I been working on here and there but it doesn’t seem fast enough yet and the other car is too expensive right now.

  • Skylineguy98

    I got mine to top out at 320

  • Nick Hofmann

    hey i like your nice setups alot! but could you please make anew categorie named “TOP SPEED” i know it sounds stupid but i know many people want to tune their car just for online uses on special stage route x… on my setup the nismo goes to 515km/h but on others it goes up to 530 thats insane and i want to know how they do this PLEEEEEAAASE MAKE TOP SPEED TUNES

    • The track section is where most top speed cars would be. They are only good for one track basically and that’s what the track section is for. Also the tags at the bottom should help. If you click top speed it should show you all the top speed tunes.

  • Matthew Good

    Isnt this car in the psp version aswell?

    • Possibly. A lot of cars overlap.

  • Kevin Walker

    My nismo gtr goes 301 mph, i use it for like the wind race 3, for money gain