Ferrari 599 GTO

Technically this is a Ferrari 599 ’06, but I have turned it into a Ferrari 599 GTO ’10 replica tune. It can’t be literally exactly the same in every way, but it is as close as I can get it according to Ferrari. The Ferrari 599 base model already has around 650hp that comes from a huge V12 engine. The GTO variant takes things to a new level by bumping it to 670hp and reducing the weight. This makes the Ferrari 599 GTO quite quick, but also not overly crazy.

While tuning I expected it to have tons of oversteer due to its huge engine in the front, high HP, and rear wheel drive, but I actually found the opposite to be true. After tuning it had more understeer. I ended up going back and adding a little more fun to the tune to kick the back out from time to time. Also, I found it easy to drive around the track, but takes a few laps to really figure out before you can start getting some quick times. The car has a lot of HP and handles really well, but my favorite part about it is its looks. I was always unsure about the 599 design, but with the right spec it looks amazing. I have mine with Crystal Laurit Silver paint (not sure where I got it), black rims, red interior, and matching red brakes. It looks stunning on the replays.

Car Ferrari 599 GTO ’10 (replica)
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 670HP/7700rpm
Torque 480 ft-lb/5700rpm
Weight 1495 kg
Miles 28.3
Performance Points 561


ONLY parts are adjustable suspension, customizable transmission, LSD, triple plate clutch, carbon drive shaft, semi-racing exhaust, stage 1 weight reduction, and sport soft tires.


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 89/-50
Power Limiter 99.2%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.407
2nd 2.300
3rd 1.689
4th 1.271
5th 1.011
6th 0.835
Final 3.995
Top Speed 211mph (340kmph)


Initial xx 11
Accel xx 20
Braking xx 17


Ride Height 80 80
Spring Rate 9.16 9.32
Compression 4 4
Extension 6 6
Anti-Roll 4 4
Camber 0.9 1.3
Toe -0.07 60


Brake Balance 3 4