Mercedes-Benz A 160 Avantgarde ’98 400pp

I love tuning these little tiny cars because they fly around the track and you can absolutely hammer them. My foot is slammed on the gas the entire time driving it and I have no problem controlling it. It is an FF and will have a little bit of understeer every once and a while, but you are never going fast enough to the point where you can’t slow down in time to cause a lot of it. It is perfect at 400pp as it has a very low weight, and a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. I would love to say that this Mercedes is the best 400pp tune out there, but I really don’t know. With these little cars pretty much any changes made to the tune will improve them a lot and it is hard to notice a huge difference because they are so low on power. However, one of the latest seasonal events is 400pp and I easily beat all the other cars in the race. I even flipped (lol) and still managed to catch back up and win easily.

Car Mercedes-Benz A 160 Avantgarde ’98
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 173HP/6400rpm
Torque 164.9 ft-lb/4900rpm
Weight 937 kg
Miles 21.7
Performance Points 400


Best of all parts. ONLY power parts are Stage 3 engine tuning, sports computer, semi-racing exhaust, isometric exhaust manifold, and catalytic converter: sports. I’m using sport hard tires. Also, I didn’t use racing brakes, but if you use them lower the brakes to 3 and 3.


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 99.9% (until you hit 400pp)


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 2.908
2nd 2.058
3rd 1.543
4th 1.220
5th 0.946
Final 4.059
Top Speed 112mph (180kmph)


Initial 10 xx
Accel 14 xx
Braking 20 xx


Ride Height 86 87
Spring Rate 3.44 4.49
Compression 3 3
Extension 4 4
Anti-Roll 3 3
Camber 0 0
Toe 0 0.04


Brake Balance 5 5