Toyota SUPRA RZ ’97 race

How did I not have a Supra race tune yet? One of the most insane cars in the game and in real life, and yet it has taken me forever to make a tune for it. I have a drift, drag, top speed, and now finally a race version. Out of all the versions this was by far the hardest to make. I didn’t think it would be so difficult, but it took a lot longer than expected. It had a lot of understeer and a touch of oversteer here and there, which was weird. After a long time of testing I finally figured out the right settings to have a pretty good tune. It is very fast and handles well, but watch how hard you slam the gas or the breaks. The key is to only use only as much as you need for the quickest times. Also, if you use stage 2 turbo it has more power, however, I used stage 3 and suggest you do to because it is a lot easier to control.

Car Toyota SUPRA RZ ’97
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 937HP/7,000rpm
Torque 817ft/lbs/5,000rpm
Weight 1208 kg
Miles 106.8
Performance Points 614


Best of all parts, racing soft tires, and spoiler. (stage 3 turbo is what I used, but stage 2 has more hp)


Nitrous 0
Downforce 0/20
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.488
2nd 2.120
3rd 1.455
4th 1.079
5th 0.843
6th 0.674
Final 3.005
Top Speed 273mph(440kmph)


Initial xx 16
Accel xx 22
Braking xx 33


Ride Height 85 85
Spring Rate 10.04 10.75
Compression 4 6
Extension 5 7
Anti-Roll 4 5
Camber 0 0.6
Toe -0.02 0.03


Brake Balance 2 2
  • Luke0858582

    It’s a good tune but holy carp it is one beast of a car to tame.

    • Lol tell me about it. Took forever just to get it to this point. It works best with being easy on the brake, gas, and going very smooth everywhere. It wants you to hammer the gas and get crazy, but you must resist and keep everything level.

  • SgtStig

    Hey Shmo, this isn’t about GT but I just wanted to recommend the mobile game Pixel Car Racer. You’d probably enjoy it. It’s going great places. Cheers

    • Thanks, I’ll check it out

  • Sílvio Lopes

    Why when im doing the curves, when i almost finish it and i want accelarate the car dont develops?

    • You are probably in too high of a gear. Downshift and you’ll be higher in the rev range which will allow for faster acceleration.

      • Sílvio Lopes

        No man, when this happens im already in 2° shift and im trying to accelarate + turne right or left. The car just dont go.. I only can ride in this situacions 50/60km/h. Usually happens in hard curves.. Help me bro

        • Reset the transmission and type it in again. It doesn’t sound normal.