Toyota SUPRA RZ ’97

I was thinking what to get you guys for Christmas and suddenly it hit me. The gift of drift! The gift that keeps giving all year. What better car to do it with than a Toyota Supra? When it comes to drift cars the Supra is a real monster. This is my second highest points scorer and always lands huge drifts. It can get a little crazy but for a car with over 900hp it’s actually pretty smooth. I like many other people love the looks of the car and once you see a replay of it drifting around a track just makes everything seem so much cooler. Merry Christmas everyone!

Car Toyota SUPRA RZ ’97
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 937HP/7,000rpm
Torque 817ft/lbs/5,000rpm
Weight 1208 kg
Miles 106.8
Performance Points 614


Best of all parts, comfort hard tires. Optional spoiler set to lower (just for looks, but I used stock)


Nitrous 0
Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.093
2nd 2.105
3rd 1.555
4th 1.200
5th 0.960
6th 0.792
Final 3.355
Top Speed 217mph(350kmph)


Initial xx 28
Accel xx 34
Braking xx 31


Ride Height 90 85
Spring Rate 12.38 6.34
Compression 4 4
Extension 6 5
Anti-Roll 5 4
Camber 3.1 2.1
Toe -0.20 0.26


Brake Balance 5 5
  • Muamin Hugsy

    So what is your highest scorer? and what is your preferred track to test drifts have fun on? (I just do trial mountain :/)

    • I forgot what my best car is but I play on Tsukuba

  • JackBoxall1

    I’ve set up this car for drifting, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I have a massive rear spoiler, huge gold wheel rims and a chameleon orange paint scheme. I just wish that it could have a little more power.

    • More power? It’s one of the highest hp cars in the game. I just wish it was premium.

      • JackBoxall1

        Ok. Well you know a lot more about tuning than I do. What would you say is your favourite car in the entire game?

        • Hard to say. Maybe the Diablo. It’s just insane in every way.

          • JackBoxall1

            I just really like a fully-tuned KTM X-Bow R. It’s really good on fuel in hte S-Class Races and it’s really good on handling (I understated that rather a lot there). It’s my perfect weapon! (Laughs Evilly)

          • JackBoxall1

            And you must have waited a very long time before getting your hands on that gold colour.

          • Ya the KTM is pretty cool too. I actually have 3 gold colors. All slightly different in the way they shine. Only one is called gold chrome while the other two have weird names, but are clearly gold.

  • Jan Kristian Bentsen

    i have a problem with controlling the supra when i press the throttle the car just spinning around. what should i do is there som settings that i have forgotten ?

    • This is a drift car. It is supposed to spin around lol

      • Jan Kristian Bentsen

        yeah i know but when i step on the throttle the car spinns out and it doesent drift. i have tryed to change to some other tyres to but it doesent help haha

        • Are you a good drifter? This might be too much power if you are newer. To make it less aggressive just press less on the gas. If you take a turn, press the gas to start to spin, and just let off completely and allow the car to drift. If you feel it start to go straight again just press a little more on the gas to hold the drift.

          • Jan Kristian Bentsen

            okey thanks