Honda CIVIC TYPE R (EK) ’97

This is for 1/4 mile drag. Everyone knows Honda drag racing is huge. No idea why it’s only Honda and not general FF, but that’s just the way she goes. Of course I had to make a Civic tune to get in on the action. A lot of rooms I went into were split 50/50 for allowing Nos. For this tune I tried to make it work well for either situation. It was super annoying going to some rooms and having to make another tune just for it. The car looks awesome obviously with it’s lime green paint and needed the tune to back it up. Unfortunately it’s just alright. Even the greatest tune ever will not beat the Honda Integra cars. They will destroy you every time. Luckily for all of you I am working on one of those tunes also. This car I would like to get your feedback on. Sometimes I smoke guys and other times I don’t. Start in gear 1 without nos and shift at the redline for everything else. With nos start in gear 3 shifting at 80 and redline for everything else.

UPDATE. I have made a Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC2) ’95 drag tune that is much faster. This car is great if you want to use it, but like I mentioned anyone with an Integra will beat you no matter what.

I like the car so much I ended up making a super sick shirt to go with it. It is neon green just like the car and has the design at the bottom which will make you stand out from everyone else.

Honda Civic Neon Green

Car Honda CIVIC TYPE R (EK) ’97
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 389HP/9500rpm
Torque 224.8 ft-lb/9000rpm
Weight 877 kg
Miles 25.7
Performance Points 539


Best of all parts without racing brakes with nitrous. Racing soft tires.


Nos 100%
Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it final 4.100, then top speed (112), then gears, and final to 3.000

1st 4.123
2nd 3.230
3rd 2.592
4th 2.139
5th 1.813
6th 1.582
Final 3.000
Top Speed 112mph (180kmph)


Initial 60 xx
Accel 60 xx
Braking 5 xx


Ride Height 75 120
Spring Rate 6.97 10.27
Compression 1 10
Extension 10 1
Anti-Roll 7 7
Camber 0 0
Toe 0 0


Brake Balance 5 5