Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC2) ’95

This is for 1/4 mile drag. I did the Honda Civic Type R tune a little while ago, but didn’t find it to be that fast. This car however is much faster. It is super light weight with even more hp compared to the Civic which makes it a lot faster. I have beat most people with this tune, but some warning is don’t go up against any newer model Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC5) as they are too just fast. I think those are probably the fastest FF drag cars, but I haven’t tried them all yet. I did try a Honda Accord type r because it has even more hp, but wasn’t as fast as I’d had hoped. Start in gear 1 and shift at about 40mph with shifting at the redline for all other gears. It starts a little slow due to wheelspin, but really picks up speed fast in later gears. This is also a NO NOS tune as every room I go into is always no nos allowed for some reason. You can add it ti yours if you want and it will just be a little faster. If you do try starting in gear 2 with nos held down.

If you are a Honda fan you have to check out the “My Blood is Type R” shirt. Comes in lot’s of colors as well as phone cases, hats, etc. I love it because it looks like the standard Type R emblem until you actually look at it harder and see it says “my blood is”. Pretty much mandatory to get for Honda fans.

My Blood is Type R

Car Honda INTEGRA TYPE R (DC2) ’95
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 416HP/9000rpm
Torque 245.4 ft-lb/8500rpm
Weight 886 kg
Miles 44.8
Performance Points 527


Best of all parts without racing brakes, no nitrous, no spoiler. Racing soft tires.


Nos 0%
Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it final 3.900, then top speed (112), then gears, and final to 3.000

1st 4.335
2nd 3.304
3rd 2.675
4th 2.217
5th 1.902
6th 1.663
Final 3.000
Top Speed 112mph (180kmph)


Initial 60 xx
Accel 60 xx
Braking 5 xx


Ride Height 70 150
Spring Rate 8.88 7.73
Compression 10 1
Extension 1 10
Anti-Roll 7 7
Camber 0 0
Toe 0 0


Brake Balance 5 5