Shelby Cobra 427 ’66 530pp

The Shelby Cobra is one of those iconic cars that everyone loves. It is classic American muscle with huge power, but what makes it different is its light weight. Most muscle cars are extremely heavy with a huge engine, while this one is light with a huge engine. I don’t have to tell any of you that light weight with huge power makes for a killer car. The only problem is the suspension is not very good and it needs really sticky tires to keep traction. I am using this car for a 530pp seasonal event where the tires are very poor and it was hard to get traction. After some time I finally have it balanced enough to be a good race car, but still maintain a bit of fun. You shouldn’t have a ton of problems with it, but be careful in the first couple gears. Do not just slam on the gas because the tires will light up the track in a bad way. At this pp level I don’t see too many other cars beating it. I destroyed the seasonal event without issues even when the tune was really bad and it became a lot easier to beat with the current tune. The picture was taken by Aeolus426.

EDIT May, 28, 2016 : Changed to 530pp instead of 430pp, which was a mistake

Car Shelby Cobra 427 ’66
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 437HP/5200rpm
Torque 504.2 ft-lb/3500rpm
Weight 1000 kg
Miles 35.7
Performance Points 530


Best of all parts, but NO power parts. I’m using sports hard tires or better.


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 98/-20
Power Limiter 86% (until 530pp)


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 2.482
2nd 1.581
3rd 1.090
4th 0.800
5th 0.614
Final 3.700
Top Speed 255mph (410kmph)


Initial xx 5
Accel xx 10
Braking xx 25


Ride Height 85 85
Spring Rate 7.00 6.30
Compression 5 3
Extension 4 3
Anti-Roll 4 3
Camber 1 1.3
Toe -0.40 0.50


Brake Balance 5 3
  • Daniele Porumboiu

    I can’t get less than 453pp

    • Did you increase the weight, lower the power, and add no power parts?

      • Daniele Porumboiu

        453pp without tuned parts and power limiter at 50%

        • It’s not possible. You sure you added the weight properly and for sure didn’t accidentally add any power parts?

          • Daniele Porumboiu

            I’m not sure for the weight settings, i’ll check later

          • The weight is add 98lbs and move it -20 in case you were confused

          • Daniele Porumboiu

            Maybe that is the problem, i forgot that i can add weight for less pp, thanks for help

          • No problem. Just make sure to up the power again afterwards.

          • Daniele Porumboiu

            Now i cant get less than 439pp

          • As long as all the correct parts and weight have been added you can lower the power to what I said.

          • Daniele Porumboiu

            We are talking about the same car?

          • I would assume you are still talking about the Cobra? I power limited it to 86%, but wrote limit it as much as you need until you hit 430pp.

          • Daniele Porumboiu

            No power tunes or weight reductions, 50% limiter and i added 200kg, now the car’s weight is 1268kg, 245HP and 439PP. The car’s weight as new is 1068kg, so i dont know how did you get 1000kg of weight

          • Read it all again, that’s not what it says. Says ONLY no power parts. However, all other parts. Meaning all weight reduction, but add the extra weight back after. That with the extra power limiting too should hit the same pp as me.

  • Franco Damico

    I cant get less than 446pp does the engine overhaul and the stiff chasis are the cause of that?and a 430pp car with over 400hp and only 1000kg?

    • Read the other comments

      • Franco Damico

        Now with any power parts and weight reduction parts with 200kg at -20 i only get 446pp 258hp and 1268kg

        • Add all weight reduction parts then add weight back.

          • Franco Damico

            Now i have 1000kg 245hp and 458pp with all weight reduction parts 98kg al -20 and ANY power just limited to 50 i dont know what i am doing wrong

          • Are you using the Chromeline?

          • Franco Damico

            No,the normal one

          • Franco Damico

            If i folow the tune step by step i get 530pp not 430

          • I used it for the seasonal event and the only thing I could of screwed up was if the event is 530pp and I wrote 430pp. I wrote down 430, but I’d have to double check to see what the event was to be sure.

          • Franco Damico

            The event that you do was in monza?because theres an event called sport classic cars intermediate level that take place in monza and its a 530pp event

          • It might be that one since it’s classic cars. I’d have to check for sure. If it’s 530pp then follow what it says until you hit 530. I’ll change it right away after I check, and sorry for any confusion.

          • Daniele Porumboiu


          • I’m not around to check, but since you said the one I was thinking of is 530pp, I will assume I wrote it as a mistake. I already changed it on the tune. Sorry for any problems caused. Tune is still set the same way.

          • Daniele Porumboiu

            Ok, thanks

  • jaxbepic3107

    Hey @Shmogt:disqus if you can, please do a BMW Z4 Tune. Thanks – jaxbepic3107

  • SgtStig

    I have one of these. Black on black on black. It’s a beast maxxed out. Literally as fast as an LMP if you have the man vegetables to handle it

    • Nice, gonna have to try it maxed out

  • Aeolus

    Oh wow you guys are using my picture from gtplanet.
    Don’t you think it’s a bit odd your using a gt5 picture for gt6?

    • You submitted it back in the gt5 days and I was short on time to get pictures for this car, so I had to use an old classic. I can add your name as the photographer if you want?

      • Aeolus

        Sure, i just thought it was really cool to see my photo pop up after i found this site and even funnier that its a 5 year old pic haha.

        • Lol ya, it was good and I was lucky I had it still

  • Nate Silver

    i’m just going to tune all my cars accordingt to Shmogt

  • Nate Silver

    Ok so I took this car into an open lobby on Twin Ring Motegi Road Course and to my surprise was dominated by a Pontiac Solstice -_-

    • lol that is not good. The Solstice is actually pretty good as it is small and light.

      • Nate Silver

        is that good?

        • Good for the solstice