Gran Turismo Sport 1.40 Adds Red Bull X2019 Race Car and More!

We have a new Gran Turismo Sport update and this one is a big one (1.9GB). With it brings new cars, new tracks, and more!


There are some really cool cars in this update. A huge range from small compacts to large trucks. Even the insane Red Bull X2019 race car has been added. There is definitely something everyone will enjoy.

  • Chevrolet Camaro Z28 ’69
  • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019 Competition
  • Renault Sport Clio V6 24V ’00
  • Toyota Sports 800 ’65
  • Toyota Tundra TRD Pro ’19


What’s the point of new cars if we have no place to drive them on? Don’t worry, as there are new and exciting tracks added in this update too. A new track called “Sardegna” has just been added. You might be thinking, but wait, they already have that track in the game? Yes, they do, but as a rally location. Now you can drive it as a road location.

Another interesting thing about this track is they also added not one, but three new layouts for it. A large, medium, and small. Also, you can drive forward or backwards on them technically making it six new layouts. I don’t think there are any other tracks that have that many layouts and a rally version, which is pretty cool.

GT League

With the new Red Bull Race Car brings a new endurance event for it as well as other events. The Red Bull endurance event is 30 laps, which I am sure will fly by since that car is so crazy fast.

  • Beginner League: Light Weight K Cup received two more events
  • Amateur League: Gr.B Rallycross received two more events
  • Professional League: Group 1 Cup received two more events
  • Endurance League: Gr.1 Prototype Endurance Series received one event


A new “Low-Angle – Ground Up” has been added to the special featured section. This is basically as the name implies, a very low angle that looks up to make your car look bigger and meaner.

Other minor changes are transmission fixes for various cars. A lot of other transmission changes for people using wheels. Timing of the gears when shifting etc. Also, other small bug fixes and minor changes have been added.