GT Sport Custom Decal Uploader is Out!

One huge new feature of Gran Turismo Sport is the livery editor. This allows you to add decals to you car. This is a first for any Gran Turismo game, and is a much welcomed feature. However, you could only design the image you wanted from shapes. This becomes rather difficult getting exactly what you want, especially when it is a complicated image. Luckily, GT Sport has added a new custom decal upload editor!

In the new uploader, you will be able to upload whatever custom graphics you want. Doing this is very easy, too, by just visiting the site, uploading the graphics, and going to your PS4/GT Sport and applying them on a car. You can even browse other people’s custom decals to use on your car as well. You do not need your PS4 on either as this is all done from a computer. Custom decals is sure to make the already amazing GT Sport editor more amazing.

Custom decals in GT Sport is sure to be a big feature. I have already seen so many amazing custom liveries made by others, but that will only increase with custom decals too. Now you will be able to use you design skills to get perfect images to use on your car.

There is also a discover section that not only allows you to find new custom GT Sport decals, but also browse replays, photos, and full liveries. You can also delete items you do not want anymore all from the website, and without needing to go to your PS4.

How to Upload

Uploading custom decals is fairly easy, but does take a bit of skill and key requirements. First, you can not upload any picture you want. The pictures that can be uploaded MUST be in .svg format. Not only that, but the SVG files can only be a max of 15kb. What is SVG format you ask? It is a special type of picture called a “Vector” that allows it to scale without loosing picture quality. This is what allows you to make the decal big or small, and still have it look great.

Regular pictures you would take with a camera, or get off Google would be called “Bitmap”. A bitmap image is something like a .jpg image. It is fine for sharing on Facebook, or printing at small sizes, but bad at scaling to very large sizes as the picture quality will diminish.

However, once you have the image you want saved as a SVG you can then upload it. To upload your image and get it into Gran Turismo Sport you have to sign in the GT Sport Decal Uploader website, and upload your image. After that, head to GT Sport and check out the “My Library” section to see your decals.

Creating and uploading decals is easy, but just make sure they are in the correct format. Also, do not worry, I will be covering a tutorial on how to easily make a decal in SVG format in the future. In the meantime, if you need any help check out the basic GT Sport uploading decals guide.