Ferrari FXX ’07

Wow, what a crazy fast drag tune! I knew the the Ferrari FXX was fast after race tuning it, but it’s just as fast for drag racing. I beat many GTR’s in it and tied a Veyron once, however, he probably had a bad tune since my Veyron drag tune would smoke this. Either way, I was very impressed by its speed. I managed about 190mph by the end of the track and you are going so fast it’s hard to stop without hitting the wall. It can be used with or without NOS, but obviously with NOS is faster. Without NOS start in 2 and shift at about 90mph. With NOS start in 3 and shift at about 120mph, shift at the redline for all other gears for both. It starts a little slow as the tires are burning up the track, but after that first shift it is as if you hit the turbo boosters and take off like rocket. A lot of fun to drag and it looks pretty cool too.

If you haven’t seen my race tune Ferrari FXX VS my Pagani Zonda R battle you should check that out below too.

Car Ferrari FXX ’07
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 1138 HP/10,000 rpm
Torque 657 ft-lb/7000 rpm
Weight 1064kg
Miles  65.7
Performance Points  673


Best of all parts with racing breaks. I’m using racing soft tires with nos


NOS 50%
Downforce 150/200
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it final to 3.620, top speed, gears, then final again at 2.500

1st  4.920
2nd  3.590
3rd  2.830
4th  2.280
5th  1.940
6th  1.671
Final  2.500
Top Speed 162 mph (260 kmph)


Initial xx  10
Accel xx  8
Braking xx  25


Ride Height  55 155
Spring Rate  9.13 15.19
Compression  8 3
Extension  3 8
Anti-Roll  5 5
Camber  0 0
Toe  -0.20 0.45


Brake Balance 5 5
  • SgtStig

    The FXX has never looked better than it does in your photo. Nicely done

    • Thank you

      • Camden Caffee

        Man I’m not trying to be a hater at all but this is pretty slow for a FXX, sorry. You say your hitting about 190 at a 1/4 mile, my tune hits about 198(mph). And for a little tip if the car is RWD and your tuning it for drag you ALWAYS put the ride height all the way up on both sides but I like what your trying to do I just thought I would try to help 🙂

        • If you have a better tune feel free to share and I’ll credit you with it.

          • Camden Caffee

            Ok how would I go about sharing my tune with you?

          • Check the about page

  • LankyRunner

    How much faster is the FXX than the Enzo?

    • A lot

      • LankyRunner

        The Enzo is my fastest car around SSRX at the moment, at 481 km/h. Maybe the FXX is worth the investment??

        • Depends on other factors, but the fxx is one of my fastest of all time cars. You have to be a good driver also.