Nissan GT-R Black edition ’12

First 1/4 drag tune, of course we had to go with the beast GTR black edition. It was a monster in GT5 and is a monster in GT6. It’s actually amped up with over 1000+hp in this game than before. I think it even looks better too as you can see from the picture. Currently, there is no drag test track like there was in GT5 so it is very difficult to tell if a car is fast or not. I have tested this against guys online and won against many. I am however assuming it will be edited to be faster in the future once a drag test track is released. Also makes a big difference on how to drag this if using nos or not. I also have the NISMO GT-R drag tune and a R34 too.

No Nos: Start in first and shift at the redline for all the other gears

With Nos: Start in second with nos slammed from the start. Shift at about 70mph and at the redline for all the others.

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P.S. although the GTR was one of the fastest drag cars in GT5 I have found the Tommy Kaira ZZII to be even faster. It is much lighter with almost same power. Of course the GTR NISMO edition is even faster than both of them.

Car Nissan GT-R Black edition ’12
Drivetrain 4WD
Horsepower 1121HP/7500rpm
Torque 812.5 ft-lb/7000rpm
Weight 1386 kg
Miles 17.8
Performance Points 703


Best of all parts. Racing soft tires. Optional nitrous set to the quickest. Optional spoiler set to lower (just for looks, but I used stock)


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it final to 3.555, set top speed 137, set gears, set final to 2.500

1st 4.409
2nd 3.713
3rd 2.876
4th 2.221
5th 1.793
6th 1.513
Final 2.500
Top Speed 137mph(220kmph)


Initial 60 60
Accel 60 60
Braking 5 5


Front Rear 45 55


Ride Height 60 130
Spring Rate 20 13
Compression 6 7
Extension 1 10
Anti-Roll 1 1
Camber 0 0
Toe 0.00 0.00


Brake Balance 8 8
  • tover

    how mph reached whit this tune

    • I am not sure. I don’t measure drag cars by their top speed. All I know is I usually win with it.

  • Ben

    The gear ratios you typed up,i cant put the same ratio,But Please Help.Thanks

  • Ben

    Oops never mind about it i got it

  • Paeton

    top speed is 178 top speed on quarter mile drag is also 178 with nos and practice…..and skilz

  • Nate Silver

    strange with gears 3-6 i come up short by 0.001. hope that won’t affect it much

    • lol I’m pretty sure you’ll be good

      • Nate Silver

        what do you think you can do with the Mazda LM55? can it be tuned?

        • Anything can be tuned, but how soon it will take is unknown.

          • Nate Silver

            ok boss

  • gtgodzilla

    I’m having problems with the gears, the first one is fine, but the rest reach their max quickly which means I can’t get to the gears listed above

    • Did you set the transmission exactly like how it says to? Also, make sure to do an oil change for max hp

      • gtgodzilla

        did that, but the 3rd gear is off by 2 and the 4th-6th is off by 1
        how to fix?

        • If it’s only very small difference it won’t really matter. If it’s a lot than it’s a problem.

  • gtgodzilla

    caught someone in this car doing 671 km/h