Jay leno 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

I think this is the first Jay Leno car I have ever made a tune for. It looks really great and has crazy power. It was just something I had to try. I knew it was a muscle car with too much power and wasn’t expecting it to be that great and I am surprised that it’s a bit faster than I thought it would be. It still can’t compete against anything modern like a NISMO GTR, but it does still do quite well. It weighs a ton and has a huge amount of torque both of which are it’s downsides. It is very similar to the Red Devil and would be interesting to see which car is faster. I am using Nos, but it can be used without too. With Nos start in 1 and shift at 80mph and redline the rest. It spins the tires so much I find it’s better to shift a bit earlier rather than wait until the last second. It gives you more grip to get down the road. Without Nos start in gear 1, but just don’t hold Nos obviously and redline the rest. You can tell it has immense power, but is unfortunate not all of it can be transferred to the road.

Car Jay leno 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 1124HP/6500rpm
Torque 1050.9 ft-lb/5000rpm
Weight 1489 kg
Miles 20.2
Performance Points 630


I’m using all parts with racing soft tires and nos.


Nos 50
Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it final gear to 4.500, top speed, gears, final 2.500

1st 2.610
2nd 1.875
3rd 1.430
4th 1.150
5th 0.959
Final 2.500
Top Speed 162mph (260kmph)


Initial xx 60
Accel xx 60
Braking xx 60


Ride Height 50 160
Spring Rate 17.15 19.37
Compression 5 10
Extension 10 5
Anti-Roll 2 2
Camber 0 0
Toe -1.00 1.00


Brake Balance 5 5