Ferrari F40 ’92

This Ferrari I bought because of the classic look of the car, it’s always been a dream of mine to own. I thought I’d make a drift tune for the F40 because, well, how many Ferraris do you see drifting around? Hardly any. So put this car in a wacky colour or keep it standard, because you’re sure to stand out. Be careful when drifting this car though, as its MR drivetrain makes it want to swap ends rather easily, so don’t use full throttle all the time. This tune takes some getting used to, but once you’re there, it’s an absolute beast for what it is. Also, I’d like to say, hi guys, new author here!

Also, check out what a smoke machine this baby is!

Car Ferrari F40 ’92
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 752 HP/8,000 rpm
Torque 74.9 kgfm/5,500 rpm
Weight 1,112 kg
Miles 120.1
Performance Points 607


Best of all parts. Comfort hard tyres


NOS xx%
Downforce 0/50
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.920
2nd 2.470
3rd 1.790
4th 1.345
5th 1.090
6th xx
Final 3.200
Top Speed 224 mph (360 kmph)


Initial xx 45
Accel xx 45
Braking xx 50


Front Rear xx xx


Ride Height 65 70
Spring Rate 9.81 16.63
Compression 2 3
Extension 4 5
Anti-Roll 2 2
Camber 0.0 0.0
Toe 0.00 0.10


Brake Balance 7 7
  • MostWanted

    Huh a new author. Finally a tune which is on an Sport/supersport car.

    U think u can do a Ford GT ^^? Im only good at race tunes

    • Like a drift tune?

      • MostWanted

        Drift. Im bad at making drift tunes ^^. So im working on a F40 race tune if u want i can share it with u if im done

        • Cool, I can check it out

  • SgtStig

    This needs a race tune. One that doesn’t make Enzo roll over in his grave 😉

    • I had one for GT5 that was amazing. I might see if that tune can be edited a little to work on the GT6 version since it was so good

  • H H Serbini

    How’s the progress on the race tune..? I’ve been using your tune on the RUF CTR2 as a baseline and its turning gold. The f40 has got me drawing blank so.. Any help would be great..


    • Which car race tune? Also, what’s the problem with the f40?

      • H H Serbini

        Sorry, I meant the race tune for the f40.. Haven’t been able to tame it myself.. Maybe the gto ’84 as well while you’re at it..


        • Yes, I’m working on it.