Renault Sport Clio V6 24V ’00

Finally have another rally tune. Rally in GT6 is extremely fun yet very few people actually try it. If you know how to drift you already know how to rally. Rally is a combination of drifting and racing into one. If you can drift well you should have no problem being able to rally well too. Drifting is basically the car wants to go straight and you are trying to get it sideways while rally is the car is trying to go sideways and you are trying to make it go straight. All about feathering the gas pedal and hitting the brakes at the right time etc. Usually 4WD is the way to go, but FR or even FF can be used. This car is an MR car which makes things a bit harder, but after a couple laps you should start to get the hang of it real quick. What will probably through you off the most is you won’t already know the track since you never rally. This car is for dirt, but can be used for snow tracks too.

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Car Renault Sport Clio V6 24V ’00
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 439HP/8000rpm
Torque 341.8 ft-lb/5500rpm
Weight 1093 kg
Miles 9.5
Performance Points 522


Best of all parts. Snow or dirt tires. No nos, but add a spoiler


Downforce 0/15
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.619
2nd 2.576
3rd 1.943
4th 1.532
5th 1.261
6th 1.083
Final 4.400
Top Speed 137 mph(220kmph)


Initial xx 36
Accel xx 49
Braking xx 18


Ride Height 145 140
Spring Rate 5 7
Compression 3 2
Extension 7 6
Anti-Roll 3 2
Camber 2.5 1.4
Toe -0.12 0.37


Brake Balance 6 5