Is Gran Turismo becoming Forza?

I’m sure most of you have heard by now, but if you haven’t the ability to paint the spoiler is coming to GT6 very soon. Of course the first reactions from most is negative. Some saying painted spoilers do nothing and are pointless while others saying GT6 needs so much more improvement painted spoilers should be the last thing to fix. I however welcome any new editions to the game, (especially for free) but what is most important here is the past, present, and future of the Gran Turismo series.

Anyone who has grown up with Gran Turismo games know first and foremost the cars from the manufacturer are the star. They have never tried to make the cars anything else, but what the manufacturer intended. It was either a car you could buy from the dealership or a race car. Then in 2005 Forza motorsport was released and everything changed. Full customization of everything was now possible. Tons of people bought the game and it was a huge success. Now in 2015 Forza still allows you to customize your car to really make it your own while Gran Turismo allows barely any customizing like always.

However looking at the current updates of GT6 has made me think it won’t always be this way. So far we have gotten unique wheels/sizes, custom spoilers, ability to paint brake calibers, and soon to be painted spoilers. Plus of course many more skirt and splitter options than ever before. It’s obviously no where close to the customization that Forza allows for, but will they ever go as far? It wouldn’t be that insane for them to add a custom paint picker or at least small decals like stripes. But why stop there

You may remember near the end of it’s life GT5 was hacked and people started modding their cars with all kinds of cool upgrades. Huge insane amounts of horsepower, removing spoilers, suspension so low it was slammed to the ground, etc. People spent many hours making the car THEY wanted to play with. Obviously it took a lot of effort since they had to do the work themselves and Gran Turismo did not like their game being changed, but considering so many people started doing it Polyphony Digital (makers of Gran Turismo) must of seen the demand. They have slowly been adding more and more customization to GT6 since the hack happened. Personally I love playing all the Gran Turismo games since it allows me to drive cars that I would never be able to own, but the number one thing I would like to be able to do is take a car and make it truly my own. To go online and show off the car that I made and no one else in the world would have. Wether this will happen one day we will just have to wait and see. I would like to know your thoughts on this, do you think Gran Turismo should add customization or stick to what they are doing?

  • Bruno Crispin

    I miss some option to put stripes just like the ford gt and other muscles do. Wheels with different colors would be insane too. Wide body…

    • Ya for wheels I wish you could paint just the lip or have more choice rather than the whole wheel no matter what. A couple strip options would be pretty cool too.

      • Rasheed Korayem

        Like your FIFA Abarth

        • Well they have added a decent amount of options, but Forza has really set the bar pretty high when it comes to customizations. I hope in GT7 they add even more. I am assuming if people really love what they have added so far they see it’s important to focus on it.

          • Rasheed Korayem

            Exactly. In my opinion, Forza is ONLY better at customization and graphics (only because it’s on next gen, and they’re not better by far actually). If GT7 has the same or even better customization options, it will drive SO many people to the game. There will actually be a competition. Of course Xbox fanboys will stick to Forza because, well, they’re Xbox fanboys. The only things left for GT to do to be better than Forza, is a) Mostly/more premium cars. I’m not saying all. At least more. b) more customization options. Forza does have more customization. c) Car sounds. The standard cars in GT have such bad sounds (most of them, and some premium). Some sound like blenders, or vacuum cleaners. This is what Polyphony need to focus on for GT to be an overall better game than Forza. Of course, the feel of the game and its physics and the way the cars handle is the top option, and already GT is better at that. I guess the game could use engine swaps, like most people have said. I think that would be an awesome addition but Polyphony needs to focus more on making the game an actual simulator more than a decoratey-your-car. I do like what they’re doing, but it’s a bit early. Sorry for the long post.

          • Rasheed Korayem

            I think decals will look good but I think I like the game better without them. They make it feel like a flash game. If they have a MASSIVE variety of stickers and decals and a make your own sticker option, then I’d love it. I love to take cars, tune them, and give them epic liveries. It just looks wonderful. I’ve done the same to a few PC games of mine, like Rigs of Rods. That is what I need. If they’re only, “Here’s a few designs to put on your hood and sides” then I’ll stay away from them mostly.

  • Ismail Shahzad

    Also what will be great? Engine Swaps. I think it is likely to come to Gran Turismo as a lot of races cars have engine swaps.

    • It would be good but I think they will go with more visual changes first.

  • Hankskillzone

    I don’t need much. I can wait for better car sounds but I want to make my cars with my own style. So I really want is to be able to do custom body kits and have some kind of decal systom. Also some trade made with drifting in mind. It would be asweme to see some mountain roads in gt6 or gt7 possibly.

    • Ya a decal system alone would make a huge difference. Of course more tracks and cars is always welcome.

  • David Decker

    I like GT just the way it is. That being said the customization is needed in the realm of what you can do in real life. Personalizing your car is very important I think. The best part for me when I played forza was the ability to engine swap. A Lexus IS300 engine in a AE86..DRIFT MONSTER!! Something like that would be beast in GT Build it to your own way and on he same hand respect the manufacturers.

    • That’s pretty much how everyone feels. They can easily make visuals and engine changes while still keeping it tasteful.

  • Rasheed Korayem

    Forza just doesn’t feel right. The cars pull out of corners way too fast and the physics aren’t that good. When I played Forza in an electronics shop, the only thing I preferred was the way that, yes, Forza could let you customize EVERYTHING you wanted. Spoilers, paints, stickers, ANYTHING. I wanted GT6 to have the same amount of customization. And here it is. I’m happy this is happening. I just don’t like the term used, since I hate Forza. GT6 just has the right feel to it. The physics of the cars, the AMOUNT of cars in the game, the tracks, I just love everything about GT. Customization is here, people. GT is already by far better than Forza, and it’s using what Forza has to dominate even FARTHER. That’s just what I think. I want GT to KILL Forza.

    • I think if they added as much customization to the game a lot more people would buy it over Forza. I too like it much more in every way except the lack of customization options. They are getting better but not quite here yet.

      • Rasheed Korayem

        Exactly what I was thinking.

      • Rasheed Korayem

        A bunch of people buy forza because it has more customization options. With this, they’ll sell more. Why didn’t they just wasit for GT7 to add all this? I know the hack and everything but the could just wait another 8 or 9 months.

  • Derpy Bro

    How did you make the abarth fiat 500 world cup edition have a green stripe?

    • That is edited. Looks pretty cool and I wish they would let you pick different paint and strip colors, but they don’t.

  • Derpy Bro
    • An edited red light thing or actually in game?

      • Derpy Bro

        actually in game

  • Steven Sevarns

    I think they should continue the updates they are making. If they add custom liveries, we will be able to make the 2 fast 2 furious skyline. That would be epic.

  • SgtStig

    There should be an open world city so you can cruise these fabulous cars around. Remember the white city that was a wallpaper in GT5? That would be great to drive in.

    • That would be cool, but I don’t see it happening. GTA5 has basically that, but it does so with far reduced graphics. I don’t think it’s possible to have GT cars in a game like that.

  • Joshuwa Quigley

    Personally I think it needs more options as far as paint and the ability to have race decals. That being said the engine swaps aren’t important to me because if you want to swap one motor for the other then just buy the other car and drift it or race it depending on your preference. While playing GT5 I tried my hand at modding cars and had a lot of friends ask me to do the same for them. My rule was if it was cosmetic moddification I was ok with it but performance mods I refused to do. Yes I had the ability and knowledge but it comes down to responsible gaming. A GTR with a Veyron motor is senseless but if you wanted a wing removal that makes sense and doesn’t offend other people whom you are in a lobby with. GT6 is gonna be a work in progress as polyphony addresses our requests. You can only change so much in a given time and have it be a quality update.

    • I agree with you on the modding. Different looks everyone loved but once guys started changing the HP etc it ruined the game. I think if actual gran turismo did it tho it wouldn’t be that extreme. I don’t think they would ever do it since it would screw with the pp system however.

    • Dark Blue

      and then being able to make the proper skyline from fast and furious

  • Jemel Sawyer

    gt6 should add underglow and decals

    • Decals I think would be the easiest to add. Just simple things like shapes and let the users turn them into designs.

  • Dark Blue

    i would like a camara that could look round my car.
    is there one on gt6?
    also better car sounds.

    • What do you mean?

      • Dark Blue

        in 3rd person view. just to see how cool the car looks

  • Joshuwa Quigley

    Just to update you guys. There is a way to see the interior of your vehicle while in 1St person mode or interior view. If you set your controllerbuttons for left view and right view (I used my D-pad) and the driver looks left and right perspectively

  • Paulo Barbosa

    I just want more realistic HP for cars when tuned… like M4 with more hp than M6… or a GT-R with more hp than a LFA, Bmw M3 and Audis RS 6 with more HP than Evos and Impresas or Skylines with more hp than some Ferraris and Aston Martins… This are just some example´s of how the Polyphony Digital doenst care about customization and the community and myself opinions. When i see games like Forza with decent hp in cars it just piss me off! I just hope GT changes alot in the future. Btw TeamShmo i like your new site, stay awesome guys!

    • Gt7 should be interesting because they have a lot of feedback from gt5 and gt6 to work with plus it will be for ps4 giving them more power to work with.

  • Ventador

    I think a cool feature that would be amazingly fun would have to be open world free roam along with tracks. That is the only reason why I would want to buy forza horizon 2.

    • Free roam to me is only good if they had customizations. Then you could actually show off your car to everyone. If they had it now it would just be people with cars driving around for no reason. Nothing exciting after the first time since all cars will look basically the same.