Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition PS4

Here it is! Sony has finally made a limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4. Sony has put a lot of effort into hyping up GT Sport, and while it is not out yet, it is sure to be a big seller. Of course, in typical Sony fashion, they have created a special edition GT Sport PS4 to drive even more sales, and celebrate its release.

The Gran Turismo Sport PS4 differs from a normal PS4 by sporting a silver and black colour scheme, and a big “GT” logo right on top. It comes with a limited edition GT Sport controller that features the same colour scheme, and matching “GT” logo on the touchpad. You can’t really go wrong with black and silver, I think it looks nice, but strangely it only comes in a 1TB PS4 Slim. There is no PS4 Pro version, at least at this time.

Also, in edition to the special edition PS4 and controller you also get the “Day 1” edition GT Sport game. The “Day 1” edition game means you will receive 250,00 in-game credits, special livery packs, and a chrome racing helmet. Finally, your SEN profile picture can be changed to one of 60 PS4 avatars.

I find it really weird that there isn’t a PS4 Pro version since GT Sport will feature PSVR support, and is supposed to be “pushing the limits” of the PS4. However, the most disappointing news is the console will only be coming to the UK, Europe, and Australia. Currently, that means all of Asia and North America will not be able to buy it. Although there isn’t a PS4 Pro version, and only some markets will receive it, this could be changed in the future.

If you do not get access to buy the GT Sport PS4 in your country you can still buy the controller. It will be selling separately as well. Also, if you don’t own a PS4 yet, you can still get a GT Sport PS4 bundle. They are releasing four different PS4 bundle packs that will come with a GT Sport game.

  • Jet Black PS4 1 TB edition
  • Jet Black PS4 500GB edition
  • Jet Black PS4 1TB + extra Jet Black DUALSHOCK 4 edition
  • Jet Black PS4 Pro edition

I, personally, did not buy a PS4 at launch and had been waiting for this GT Sport edition since day one. Seeing all the “millions” of other special edition PS4s that came out made me strongly believe that a Gran Turismo Sport edition would be on the way, eventually. However, only a couple months ago I opted to buy the insane gold edition PS4. It was just too ridiculous for me not to buy. It is lucky I did since this version isn’t coming to North American anyway.

For those of you who are in one of the markets that will be getting the Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4, you can pick it up on October 16, 2017. That is the same release date that the actual GT Sport game will be coming out for everyone else.

Source: PlayStation Blog