Top 5 Wants for Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 release date is currently set for end of 2015 to early 2016 (GT Sport was announced first). Basically, years away. It will be the first Gran Turismo game to come to the PS4. Hopefully it won’t get delayed for multiple years like GT5 did when the PS3 came out. Either way, it will come eventually and here are my top 5 wants for the game. Will also be interesting to see the replays since PS4 has a share button, but for the best footage or live streaming obviously you’ll need one of the top 8 video game recorders.

1. Livery

This one is huge for me. As I mentioned in my is GT becoming Forza article I talked about how GT6 was slowly adding more customization. The more I think about it the more I realize this isn’t a want it’s really a must for the series. Car customization has exploded in recent years from going from cheap Hondas all the way up to the most expensive of cars like Bugatti’s. It used to be more of a North American thing, but due to the growing 1% (ultra rich people) taking super expensive cars and customizing them it is now very common everywhere. It’s the only real thing you can do to make you stand out from everyone else’s car. I would like to see at a minimum decals to allow you to add shapes, stripes, etc so you build your own pictures out of them. Let the users get creative.

2. Better car sound

Probably the most requested feature ever. The sounds in GT6 goes from horrible to just alright. Very very few cars have sounds that I actually love to listen to. I don’t actually see why this is so difficult for them to get right either? It’s a car game and the sound of the car is one of the most important aspects. All manufacturers put a lot of effort into making their cars sound just right and GT6 didn’t capture any of that.

Usually once fully upgraded all the cars sound the same which is the most disappointing. If you add huge power, high RPM turbos, lots of Aero parts you expect the car to be super loud and sound like a rocket blasting off into space. Instead it has the whiz of an RC car. Hopefully they listens to users and makes the cars sound like they should for GT7.

3. Better scenery

This one isn’t mentioned much online, but to me, having a great looking car and weird looking background just isn’t good enough. Most tracks have jagged edges everywhere and objects barely look real. This isn’t a huge problem when driving since you are focused on the road, but replays and photo mode it really stands out. The lack of detail in the scenery is a big reason why I usually have a heavy blur on the background in my photos.

One thing I have noticed that always stands out to me is the lack of detail in the road on old courses. There are no real looking textured bumps, no cracks, no reflections when wet. It’s just a grey line going in the direction where the road should be. They attempt to do some of this, but it just doesn’t look real at all. At least they have the tire tracks on the roads. The grass is another thing that drives me insane. Totally flat. Very rarely do you see a single blade sticking up. On new tracks just for GT6 things look much nicer, but for GT7 I would like to see them step it up a bit to make everything look better, not just the cars.

4. Less duplicate cars

I don’t need every single Miata ever made! Most of them are literally the same car only US and EU versions which look identical anyway. Only differences would be seat position and emission regulations, neither matter in a game. It also takes much longer to scroll through a manufacturer when browsing cars when there are a million of the same thing. Add a few different versions and move on.

5. All premium cars

It started in GT5 and my mind almost could not believe the news when I found out. They had 5yrs+ to make GT5 and couldn’t even make all the cars look nice. Worst of all, there were only 200 premium cars and about 1000 crap looking cars. That means they only made 20% nice looking cars in 5yrs+! I could of gone to school for 3D modeling, graduated, and still made more premium cars in that amount of time. They also had one of the biggest budgets ever for that game, but you wouldn’t tell by looking at it.

In GT6 things were improved but basically the same. I honestly don’t care too much about interior view for all cars but wished the exterior was in top condition. GT6 definitely had nicer looking standard cars tho. Gone were the majority of basically 2D looking standards with wheel arches so bad it looked like they had been beat with a bat. Everything was smoothed and upgraded to make you almost believe it was a nice looking car.

Unfortunately, they have confirmed standard cars will be coming back in GT7, but hopefully even more improved. I don’t think they can get away with putting cars from GT2 into GT7 since it runs on the PS4 and the graphics difference will be too noticeable.

Bonus! New cars added

This isn’t really part of the game at release, but I would really love to see new cars added to the game on a more frequent basses. For example, it ships with a certain amount of cars then later in the year Ferrari comes out with a new model. I’d love to see the new car make it to the game. I hate seeing the McLaren P1, new Ford GT, Lamborghini Aventador SV (although I brought a Lamborghini Aventador SV to the game) be released and have to listen to all the amazing reviews about them online, yet never get to drive them. The main reason people buy games like Gran Turismo is because they want to drive all the cars old and new. Emphasis on brand new.

The good news is, Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of Gran Turismo has said:

Everything will be running naturally,” and the PS3 was much, much more difficult. The high quality of data that we have being rendered on the PS4 I think is going to make an incredible difference.

Hopefully that means GT7 will be a large improvement in every way. I’m pretty excited to see what they will come out with next actually. After seeing the graphics difference and level of detail in GTA5 on PS3 and than on PS4 there was a huge difference in quality. Everyone knows the Gran Theft Auto games aren’t really known for breath taking graphics, but if they can make that game look amazing I am super excited to see what Gran Turismo 7 will look like.