Nissan SKYLINE GT-R (R34) ’99

The R34 Skyline is the last of the official Godzilla monsters. Any future cars are labeled as just GT-R. That makes this car a little more special than most. For something that looks like a square box on wheels you will be super surprised at how fast it is. Shoots down the track like a rocketship and can easily beat cars with more more hp. I got a 6:50 on Nurburgring and that is with at least 4 times off the track and a horrible crash. The suspension is a little stiff for this track, but if you softened everything and are a better driver than me I see no reason why you can’t do in the 5 minute zone. Very fast so watch the gas out the turns, but excellent car. If this car is too extreme for you, you can always try the R32 or R33. They all drive very similar, but have different hp.

UPDATE March 11, 2016: Stage 2 turbo adds more HP

This is extremely similar to my RUF CTR2 tune. They are almost the exact same weight, HP, and both 4WD. That is exactly why I decided to have a Top Gear style battle again each other! Who will come out on top?

If you like the Skyline (who doesn’t?) the Team Shmo Store has a great new design Saying “Godzilla” with a R34 coming through.

Godzilla Nissan Skyline R34 shirt


Car Nissan SKYLINE GT-R (R34) ’99
Drivetrain 4WD
Horsepower 940HP/xx00rpm
Torque 795.7 ft-lb/xx00rpm
Weight 1232 kg
Miles 31
Performance Points 631


Best of all parts including racing brakes and spoiler. Use stage 2 turbo. Racing soft tires. Optional nitrous.


Downforce 0/100
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.670
2nd 2.483
3rd 1.830
4th 1.414
5th 1.132
6th 0.943
Final 3.000
Top Speed 205mph(330kmph)


Initial 6 8
Accel 14 19
Braking 15 23


Front Rear 32 68


Ride Height 97 97
Spring Rate 10.08 7.26
Compression 4 6
Extension 6 7
Anti-Roll 5 4
Camber 0 0
Toe -0.04 0.13


Brake Balance 3 3
  • Kris Flaten

    Does this work on the 2002 R34?

    • Not sure. Try it and see

  • SgtStig

    I’m definitely gonna try this out! Just saw Furious 7 and I need a properly fast Skyline now. In GT5 these cars couldn’t get 900 bhp if I remember correctly. I’m glad they do now though.

    • This one is pretty damn fast

      • SgtStig

        You get 964 Bhp with the mid range Turbo. I’ve never seen the mid have more than the high level turbo. Can’t wait to drive it!

        • I have seen it a few times. Double check however to make sure I didn’t make a mistake writing it down.

          • SgtStig

            I love the way it drives and pulled an easy 6:30 at the Ring. However, I would like to reduce some of the understeer in order to fit my driving style. Should I just pull some torque out of the front diff? Or do I need to adjust the damping?

          • More negative rear Toe. Also slow on the gas out of the corners.

  • JigillyJoes1 .

    When the transmission bug is fixed you should build a drift or drag tune for this monster

    • Ugh there are so many tunes I had planned to do and that bug ruined them all

  • Ash

    Here a good tune for the r34 touring car all of the same settings apart from the gear box. Which is set like this.

    Set max speed to 205mph
    Then use the same gear set up and you will have a flying machine.

    • lol all the Skylines work well on other cars basically

  • D.Bolt

    Do you mean -0.40 or -.04 for toe angle front?

    • Just checked, I mean -0.04

      • D.Bolt

        Thank you sir.


    My first lap with the 6:42 Nür premium version with a big crash , spoiler stock with 80 downforce , my record is 6:37 !
    Very Good setup ! 🙂

    • Thanks, ya, it’s really fast

  • Hunter Isom

    Does this tune work for the Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V-spec (R34) ’99?

    • I would assume so, but only way is to test and see.

  • rosado567

    Im having trouble reaching these mumbers yet im following instructions exactly as theyre written yet i just cant reach the pp, hp or the ft/lb. Can anybody help?

    • Make sure to do an oil change. Also, install all power parts before trying to set the transmission. Reset the transmission and try again if you didn’t do it already.

      • rosado567

        got it fixed, thanks man!!!

        • Nice! That’s what I like to hear.